Indie Political Game Democracy 2 Now available on Steam, New Trailer & Making-Of Video
Positech Games, the one-man indie studio run by Cliff 'Cliffski' Harris, and responsible for Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles, is extremely pleased to announce that their unique turn-based political-strategy game 'Democracy 2' is now available on Steam!

Democracy 2 is a game that puts the player in the role of President/Prime Minister of a fictional country. The games unique design is built around a custom-designed neural network that simulates voters, pressure-groups, policies, statistical data, event situations and dilemmas that face the government. Presented through a completely original icon-based interface, Democracy 2 is like no other strategy game on the market.

To commemorate the release of the game on Steam, we have released a new video trailer showing the game which you can see on youtube here:

And there is also a new short film where the developer describes the influences behind, and the making of the game here:

Democracy 2 has been on sale for a while from the developers site at and is also on sale through GamersGate, Impulse and other online stores, but it's completely new to steam. It's an especially topical time to re-release the game, given the imminent USA elections. Gamers are sure to enjoy experimenting with both Republican and Democrat approaches to running the country to see how things turn out...

Democracy 2 is not only a game, but has also been used to teach politcal education in schools and colleges in the UK and USA. It was also distributed to tens of thousands of students on free laptops supplied by a charitable organisation in the US. The developer has been approached by a number of governments that want to bring the game to emerging democracies in the Arab world, and it has also been used by large multinational organisations as a training tool to teach decision making and leadership skills.

A PC demo of the game is available here:
And Democracy 2 can be grabbed from steam here:
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