Gratuitous Tank Battles: The Western Front expansion released today
UK indie developer Positech games (Gratuitous Space Battles, Democracy 2...) are pleased to announce the release of an expansion pack for their alternate-history Tower-Defense game 'Gratuitous Tank Battles'.

Gratuitous Tank Battles: The Western Front is a World-War 2 themed expansion to the innovative tower defense game. The original title was set in an alternate universe where world war one continues into the laser age, and GTB:The Western Front focuses on the world war 2 era of the story, pitting American armies against German in the heart of Europe.

Eight new missions are included woven into a completely new single-player campaign. A total of 16 new tank 'hulls' including the Tiger, Sherman and Pershing are available in the expansion, and can be used in the basic game as well, along with all new props and textures from the new campaign for use in the built-in map editor. The first four maps allow WW2 technology only, whereas the later maps allow players to strap laser cannons to Tiger Tanks, which is one of the developers chief ambitions in life.

The website for the new expansion pack is here:

It is available direct from the developer, priced $5.99 and will be available on steam shortly. There is a youtube trailer for the expansion here:


Positech Games is the one-man company owned by Cliff 'cliffski' Harris who blogs at and mumbles on twitter as @cliffski. He is the developer behind Kudos, Democracy, Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles. An ex-lionhead AI programmer, he often gets into trouble for ranting online. In between programming he herds 2 cats and watches classic WW2 movies.