Emily the Strange Returns To Her Roots For New Skateboarding Game
Company: PQube
Emily the Strange continues her journey by delving into the exciting world of skateboarding; explore 36 levels located in the picturesque cities of Paris, Moscow, London and New York. Try out some crazy moves on your skateboard, play air guitar, perform a handstand or the famous 'Ollie Airwalk'!

Who is Emily the Strange? Emily the Strange is the 13 year old full of wit and fire with a posse of slightly sinister black cats. Famous for her barbed commentary and independent spirit, this diminutive black, white and red character has spawned an internet and merchandising phenomenon.

Starting as a young rebel appearing on stickers at concerts, Emily the Strange became the design for Santa Cruz Skateboards in Santa Cruz, California and eventually received her own clothing line, stationary and fashion accessories. In Emily the Strange Strangerous for the Nintendo DS™ (which you can check out here), Emily the Strange needed help finding her precious cats; Mystery, Nee Chee, Sabbath and Miles. Now, Emily the Strange needs help in collecting a wide variety of super charged power ups to ride in slow motion, skate upside down or even jump through portals that transport you and her instantly to a totally different location!

Emily the Strange Skate Strange is out now. Are you a true Emily the Strange fan? Grab the Collector's Edition for an amazing £29.99 here! You get the game, the secret locking diary, the stylish reporters notepad, badge pack, metal key ring and chain in a presentation box with the certificate of authenticity! Or grab your copy of the latest Emily the Strange adventure while stocks last at your favourite retailer.


A fun 2D skating game with 36 challenging levels
Cool moves and Power Ups
Set in the unique universe of Emily the Strange
Stylish level design based on the cities of New York, London, Moscow and Paris
Level Editor: Create your own levels