Kult Heretic Kingdoms: Where God Is Dead and Religion Heresy...
Company: Project 3
Designed to give RPG players all that they want - and a few things they hadn't thought of wanting yet - Kult: Heretic Kingdoms combines combat, strategy, exploration and story to breathe new life into the genre.

Label: Project Three Interactive
Developer: 3D People
Genre: RPG
Release: September 2005
PEGI: 12+
SRP: £19.99
Platform: PC

Get the demo and trailers here: http://www.p3int.com/KULT/downloads_trailers_mirror.asp

Kult Heretic Kingdoms is an isometric computer RPG, combining 3D technologies with the intuitive environment of an isometric game. Developed by Slovakian studio 3D People, the game is built on cutting edge technology with a philosophy that balances ease of learning against depth of play.

The Game

Featuring an engaging storyline written by a script team lead by critically acclaimed game writer and designer Chris Bateman (Discworld Noir, Ghost Master) , and uniquely immersive game mechanics designed by Chris' infamous International Hobo team, the game is certain to appeal to fans of RPGs and fantasy adventures.

Set in the world of the Heretic Kingdoms, a world where God is dead and religion heresy, you are cast as a young female inquisitor, working to stamp out the last remnants of religion. On instructions to destroy a relic which the Inquisition considers to be a significant threat, you are drawn into a war between two warring secret societies – a conspiracy of mages whose goal is true power, and a shadowy cult who seeks to resurrect the Dead God.

As the story progresses, you will be placed in an amoral world and left to decide your own morality. Just like the real world, your actions have consequences, and it is up to you to decide if you can live with them or not. Play as an altruistic heroine, a vicious and selfish egotist or just a woman trying to get her job done – your actions will lead you to one of six different endings depending on where you decide your loyalties lie. Will you crush religion underfoot, or become its saviour? Only you can decide.

Featuring a vast world to explore containing around fifty locations, scores of unique monsters and more than fifty quests, all of which affect the people or the balance of power in the kingdom of Corwenth and its neighbours, and a simple but rewarding combat system that keeps the action flowing thick and fast, Kult Heretic Kingdoms is an essential purchase for any fans of fantasy storytelling or computer RPGs.


Over 50 quests with multiple outcomes, allowing you to decide the morality of your character.

Around 50 beautifully rendered locations, set in isometric view for ease of exploration.

More than 30 monsters, each with their own habitat. When dungeons have been cleared, new monsters gradually move in and take their place – affect the population of a dungeon by what you choose to kill.

Take the weapons and armour from your foes and use them as your own, and find unique items and weapons from legendary times.

Unique Attunement system allows you to empower your character dynamically – choose the path of the mage, and attune yourself to magic, or the path of the warrior and master devastating Criticals. Change your Attunements each day to explore new options.

Over 100 Attunements for maximum choice of expression.
Dialogue Engine that reflects the changing nature of the world in reaction to the player's actions.

Quick Bar allows easy access to your weaponry and items.
Unique healing system – no need to drag around thousands of healing potions. Instead, you will have to be careful not to stay in the thick of battle for too long, as your healing items can only patch you up a certain amount before you need real medical attention.

Tactical battle options as you shift into the arcane realm of the Dreamworld – a dimension parallel to mundane reality. Alternatively, use the Dreamworld to talk to the dead to aid you in your quests.

Your actions will lead you to one of six different endings at the climax of the story.

Dynamic World Space
The world changes in reaction to the player – allies, enemies and story all adapt to player actions – encounters change to reflect what the player has done in the world.

Story-driven Narrative in a Morally-reactive World
Players moral choices have consequences – takes the exploration of the meaning of good and evil to new levels.

Unique Game Mechanics
Never seen before game mechanics for healing, combat and treasure create fluid, engaging gameplay – tactical play mechanics balanced for maximum player choice and challenge.

Powerful Game Engine
Amazing spell effects, multiple levels of zoom – the most powerful isometric engine ever constructed.


Complete Character Customisation
The player character may attune with the magic in any object, unlocking fantastic special abilities called Attunements.

Acquire and experiment with around 100 Attunements.

Combine Attunements to make powerful and unique combos.

Adjust your character to be suitable for any role or mission – at any point in the

Combat strategy, magical powers, defensive tactics and hybrid skills – all
encompassed by one simple to use system.

Unique Game Mechanics
A fresh perspective on RPG mechanics is provided by critically the acclaimed design team and International Hobo Ltd.

Unique enemy population & equipment mechanics – enemies have their own
unique equipment, and the encounters in each location change according to player

Original healing mechanics create tense mission-oriented framework (focus is on
planning the mission, not on stockpiling potions).

game design optimised for hardcore RPG fans in search of something fresh.

Multiple Quests
There are no random, time-wasting quests in Kult; all game activities are pertinent to the story and the character's place within the world.

Over 50 quests.

Face moral dilemmas – the player must judge situations and choose how to act.

Player actions determine the fate of the world.

Compelling Storyline
Religion has been banned in the Heretic Kingdoms – but cults still flourish amid political intrigue... and everyone has their price.

Play as a young Inquisitor charged with the destruction of a powerful religious icon

Character oriented story with a strong, fully integrated plot line.

Six different endings with real consequences to the player and the game world.

Written by Chris Bateman, acclaimed writer/designer of Discworld Noir and Ghost
Master (both scored average specialist press scores of 90% internationally).

Story elements narrated by Tom Baker (who has a cult following, and aids both
review scores and audience penetration).

The Dreamworld
A parallel magical dimension into which mages may step, the Dreamworld fuels the magic of the Heretic Kingdoms.

Use the Dreamworld to tactical advantage – targeted by a bowman? Use the
Dreamworld to transport yourself behind him!.

Talk to the dead, search for magical power, fight unique monsters, and employ
Dreamworld-specific Attunements.

Flexible Game Engine

Dynamic particle system effects create impressive screen-filling magical effects.

Supports hardware accelerated features – coloured lighting, smooth scrolling and screen zoom.

Minimum Configuration:

1.2 GHz CPU or faster
256 MB RAM (512 MB on XP)
DirectX 8.1 compatible 3D-Graphic card with 32 MB RAM
Windows® 2000, Windows® XP +SP1
DirectX®9.0a or higher
2 GB free fixed disk storage

Recommended for optimal performance:

1.8 Ghz CPU or faster
512 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0 compatible 3D-Graphic card with 64 MB RAM
Windows® 2000, Windows® XP +SP1
2 GB free fixed disk storage
DirectX® 9.0a or higher

For further details go to: http://www.p3int.com/KULT/default.asp

About Project Three Interactive
Project Three Interactive is a leading publisher of PC Games focused at Europe. The company was founded in January 2000 in the Netherlands and has shown a steady growth since. Its innovative products are being distributed through a vast and growing quality network of international partners all over the globe. With the acquisition of Project Three Interactive Studio AB ("Termite Games") in Malmö, Sweden, the fast-growing Project Three Group has integrated game development and publishing activities under one umbrella, thus securing a steady flow of quality products for years to come. In the near future the company strives to increase its number of releases to (at least) five products a year, and cover the next generation console platforms as well.
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