Psydra Games is pleased to announce the Dark Scavenger OST!
Company: Psydra Games
Featuring music from Harmonix's Joe Kelly and alumni Alex Gold, the Dark Scavenger soundtrack boasts over 15 original songs, including an exclusive bonus medley!
The Dark Scavenger OST is available at or for only $2.99 (that's cheap!).


∑ "Musically, this game is excellent- it has a rather upbeat, techno soundtrack, along with some of the coolest boss music of all time. While I donít think Iíll find myself whistling the themes any time soon, I would recognize most of them instantly- and probably be suddenly ready for battle." - Blackman'N Robin

∑ "Rarely do game soundtracks evoke such emotion or feelings. Usually the audio for games will suit the subject matter, and thatís as far as it goes. But Dark Scavenger does well to evoke the sense of intrusion, of the outsider being where they shouldnít be. From space, to the otherworldy planet, to creatures viewing YOU as the alien, to discovering the secrets of the planet Didella, the music carries with it that Sci-Fi feel; spooky, yet adventurous. Does it make sense to say that the music carries with it the sense of philosophical investigation that the story slowly exposes you to?" - Brutal Gamer

∑ "One thing I absolutely loved about the game though is the music that plays during battles. Iím a bit of an RPG nut and I know a good RPG battle theme when I hear one and Dark Scavenger is no exception. I sometimes left the game running in the background whilst doing other things (such as writing this review) and it kept me incredibly entertained throughout." - Midlife Gamer

∑ "Oh, and the battle music is pretty kickass." - Jim Sterling, Destructoid

Psydra Games is a small team of working industry professionals from all over North America who banded together to make awesome games. Weíve combined our experience and passion to recapture the retro-gameplay feel and update it with modern design philosophies.
We hope you enjoy our game as much as weíve enjoyed creating it!

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