Fiber Twig 2: A New Flawless Jewel of a Game
Company: Puzzle Lab
From the creative mind of kings and creators of “Fiber Twig,” comes the long-awaited sequel, “Fiber Twig 2: Restoration of Magic Garden.” Similar to
the first game that spawned a romantic interest among adventure lovers worldwide, players assume the role of the brave hero who must help the
inhabitants of the once idyllic fairy kingdom bring to life their magic garden and objects in it that have been destroyed by the terrible hurricane.
You do it by connecting variously shaped twigs to restore the original pattern. Once the pattern is rebuilt, all objects start working again and
you continue your adventure on the next level with increased challenge.

The trick of the game is to keep pace with the endless flow of twigs. They keep on coming on the band conveyer located at the bottom of the game
screen. You should pick a twig from it, rotate it if necessary and attach it to another twig in the broken pattern. When all twigs are properly connected, you move up the playing field to a new tricky puzzle. However, if you don’t shake a leg, the conveyer gets cluttered with twigs and the game
stops. To increase your chances for survival, you may throw away a useless twig to the drop section or use the magic sword to smash it. So, quick eye
and good reaction play the big part in your success here.

While “Fiber Twig 2” continues to be the same visually gorgeous game with the emphasis on puzzle-solving and exploration, it delivers plenty of new
extras to add to the game’s grace and replayability. You will be able to explore twenty all-new levels with superbly detailed environments and bizarre fairy creatures. They have been tastefully drawn by patient hands of the woman artists from the Puzzle Lab creative team. Also new to the game
are dozens of fanciful twig types, bonuses, as well as a hundred visual effects, animations and fifty music effects, interwoven together to give “Fiber Twig 2” a more lively, spectacular gameplay.

However the biggest change from the original game is that now you are not alone. At the start of your adventure, you choose from three imaginative
characters – Knight, Enchantress and Goblin, each of which has special magic skills and tools. You can upgrade the character’s skills in seven areas –
Attack, Magic, Defense, Speed, Luck, Mind and Economy – throughout the whole game. For example, if you upgrade Defense, it will increase your no-lose time and the number of twigs that can accumulate on the conveyer without your losing the game. With magic tools, you can smash useless twigs that clutter the conveyer or create missing twigs.

“Fiber Twig 2” Features at a Glance:
• 20 new levels to go with diversely themed environments;
• Three characters to help you with magic abilities and tools;
• Bizarre fairy world creatures;
• 150 new visual and sound effects to spice up the gameplay;
• Dozens of twig types.

Pricing and Availability
Fiber Twigs 2 runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to the unlocked gameplay, free updates and lifetime technical support. An evaluation version of the game limited to the 60-minute gameplay is available as a free download at: (12.3 Mb).

About Puzzle Lab
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