Recipe of Pleasure from Puzzle Lab: Pinch of Medieval Mysticism to Solitaire'S Cheering Powers, Shaken but not Stirred
Company: Puzzle Lab
Puzzle Lab announces Charm Solitaire, a new game that can become your trusted companion in moments of leisure. This game is able to cheer you up
and switch you off crowding thoughts. Its well-developed animation and sound will open up new unexplored pleasures in the game of patience. With the
skill of a good chef, Puzzle Lab made a delicacy out of simple ingredients.

This new game of patience stands to the reputation established by Fiber Twig, Magic Inlay and other popular games under the Puzzle Lab brand. The
elaborated fairy-tale realm pulls you in as soon as you click on the icon. The outer world with its troubles and doubts is left behind. Your full attention is on a string of cards following the magician's invisible hand. A pleasant enigmatic tune keeps you focused on the game, while sonorous funfairs announce your victories. A mysterious mountain path to the kingdom is ahead of you. But be on guard as your path is laid with numerous ordeals. Many a wall are to be destroyed, many a chasm are to be crossed. Your concentration and sharp eye are to be put to the test by a divisive sorcerer and his clique. Sly sharpers will be stealing and reshuffling your cards. Yet they can't daunt your determination to win. The fate of the kingdom is
in your hands.

Charm Solitaire is a highly adaptable 60 level game, built on the rules of the game of patience. It helps the user to switch attention off work and fills the moments of disengagement with a pleasant light occupation. The No Lose mode will introduce you to the game in a relaxed way with no pressure for time or score. More experienced players can try the Hard mode, which will challenge their skills and pay off 20% bonus to their score. Besides the time factor, Charm Solitaire offers a variety of castles, streets and walls to make your game exquisitely intricate. A lucky card can give you a short spite or send a hand back to the pack. All these features help adapt the game to the preferred complexity level.

Charm Solitaire is an excellent companion on holiday while you wait for your flight in a departure lounge, the dinner time at a hotel or your friends
coming to collect you to go out. It will relieve your mind of disturbance and frustration of waiting as well as switch it off work. Play it with your family at a home PC and at work during a break. The solitaire, this delicate fruit of European civilisation, is always ready to cheer you up and attune your senses.

Charm Solitaire Features at a Glance:
- More than 60 levels;
- Numerous ordeals including 7 types of castles, 10 types of streets, 3 types of walls;
- A choice of evil characters;
- Three modes: Normal, Hard and No Lose;
- Bonuses and scores.

Availability and Pricing
Charm Solitaire runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). All registered users are entitled to free life-time support and updates. A free evaluation version with 60 minutes of game play is available for download at

About Puzzle Lab
Established in 2000, Puzzle Lab Inc. has developed a series of popular games featuring rich graphics and tailor-made sound. Original approach to
traditional game plots, supported by well-developed animation and inventive soundtracks, has become the key to success for the Puzzle Lab line. The main hits of their game line are Fiber Twigs, Puzzle Inlay and Magic Inlay, Fresco Wizard, Charm Tale. The full list of Puzzle Lab games, descriptions
and downloads are available at
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