Graphite Outdoor Renderer Released
Company: Quad Software
Europe, Bucharest, June 30, 2009 – Quad Software announced today the public release of Graphite library, the Grome editor reference renderer. Graphite is the outdoor rendering middleware developed by Quad Software to allow easy integration of Grome scenes into any 3rd party engine, game or real-time 3D application.

Graphite is a high-performance outdoor rendering middleware suitable for rendering large terrain surfaces, water and vegetation layers. The library is designed to be quickly integrated into any engine or application using DirectX9 or DirectX10 rendering API for Window PC platform. The renderer is 100% compatible with Grome modeler application but can be modified to accept input from various data sources.

Internally developed for over 1 and a half years, the Graphite rendering engine is already used in game development by professional companies like IMC Games, Pseudoware and Transmission Games, including adaptations to latest gaming consoles.

“Many of our clients requested a complete 3D development solution, both editing and real-time rendering. Graphite comes to complete our Grome editing solution as a high performance, flexible rendering library, easy to be integrated into existing game engines“, says Adrian Licuriceanu, Quad Software Technical Director and lead developer of Graphite team.

Graphite is free of charge in binary form for Grome 2 clients. Full source code licensing is available for professional companies.

About Quad Software SRL

Quad Software, privately own company founded in 2000, is specialized in 3D middleware development. Building on experience from single player and massive multiplayer game titles, the company developed an extensible graphical development platform from which Grome is one of the first products to arrive. Past and current clients include game studios like ArenaNet (NCSoft), Ubisoft, Eidos, as well as companies from civil and military avionics and naval simulations and training industry.

Grome is a registered trademark of Quad Software, SRL. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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