Eidos Chooses Quazal Net-Z and Rendez-Vous for Project: Snowblind
Company: Quazal
Montreal, Quebec (March 3rd, 2005) – Quazal, maker of online multiplayer middleware technology, and Eidos Interactive are pleased to announce that the recently released game Project: Snowblind, takes advantage of Quazal’s Net-Z technology for in-game multiplayer, and Quazal’s Rendez-Vous service to handle the lobby and matchmaking responsibilities.

In Project: Snowblind, developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive, you become 2nd Lt. Nathan Frost, an enhanced super-soldier who has volunteered to join the Liberty Coalition, an international army. Frost finds himself in a war with a destructive regime, stranded behind enemy lines. He and his remaining soldiers must find and stop the militia’s secret weapon that could change civilization itself. Project: Snowblind features 16-player online play in multiple game modes, with voice communication, thanks to Quazal Net-Z.

“It’s been great working with the teams at Eidos and Crystal Dynamics, and Project: Snowblind is seriously cool,” said Mike Drummelsmith, Developer Relations Manager at Quazal. “We’re ecstatic seeing the game hit the streets, and can’t wait to play against other gamers online!”

Quazal’s Net-Z technology allows the team at Crystal Dynamics to focus more on the gameplay features in Project: Snowblind, and worry less about the low-level technology. The online game features several gameplay modes, and allows both on-foot and vehicle combat. A vast selection of weaponry and gadgets allow gamers to choose the role they’d like to fill on their team, and a selection of bioenhancements give you powers beyond normal humans. Quazal’s Rendez-Vous service allows gamers to easily find games, join clans, view stats and more.

“With Net-Z and Rendez-Vous, we feel not only is Quazal’s technology reliable and flexible, but their support is very responsive,” said Sam Newman, Producer at Crystal Dynamics. “It’s been a very satisfying experience and we definitely feel we made the right choice. Quazal enables us to create the best online experience for our game and we know that they are there to address any questions we have quickly. We look forward to working with the Quazal team again.”

Quazal will be at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from March 9th to 11th. Parties interested in meeting with Quazal should contact info@quazal.com, or visit us on the show floor at booth #432.

About Quazal
Quazal is the leading supplier of multiplayer middleware with a community of over 200 network programmers using its products to propel the next generation of multiplayer games. Quazal revolutionized network programming in 1998 with the introduction of network-aware C++ objects that automatically synchronize themselves, rendering obsolete the traditional packet/socket paradigm. Today, Quazal continues to innovate with Rendez-Vous, the most flexible and robust cross platform online lobby solution available. Quazal’s products are used by publishers and developers such as Eidos, Ubisoft, Sammy Studios, Atari and more, to release some of the best games available on PlayStation® 2, Xbox®, Windows® and Linux. For more information on Quazal, please head to http://www.quazal.com.

About Eidos
Eidos plc is one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software with a diverse mix of titles for the PC, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo GameCube™ and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. For more information on Eidos and its products visit www.eidos.com

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