Quazal Releases Net-Z 4.2 and Rendez-Vous 1.1
Company: Quazal
MONTRÉAL, CANADA – April 12th, 2005 – Quazal, a leading developer of online networking middleware technology for PCs and major consoles today announces the release of new versions of their award-winning in-game networking middleware, Net-Z, and Rendez-Vous, their flexible and extensible lobby and matchmaking system.

“These new versions of Net-Z and Rendez-Vous incorporates all the enhancements we’ve done during the development of our first launched console title, and the other titles currently in development” said Carl Dionne, Quazal's Vice President for Research and Development, “Taking in feedback from our development partners in order to make our products better is a big part of why developers and publishers enjoy working with us.”

Among other new features, Net-Z 4.2 introduces improved message bundling for reduced bandwidth consumption, enhanced NAT traversal to help with what is likely the most frustrating issue with developing online games, and new user-defined pre-connection tests to more accurately show users what type of connection quality they should expect when joining. New versions of SyncSim for Net-Z and Voice for Net-Z are also released alongside Net-Z 4.2.

“Net-Z 4.2 continues with the refinement of the tried and tested core technology. With this release, we’ve targeted certain key issues, including bandwidth usage, end-user experience, particularly on pure connectivity issues, and a greater ease-of-use for developers,” stated Mike Drummelsmith, Developer Relations Manager at Quazal. “The easier we can make it for developers to overcome these constant network hassles, the more they can focus on simply making great multiplayer games”

Rendez-Vous 1.1 reaches its final release status with this new version, from the previous release candidate. While numerous enhancements have been made to both the client end and the server-side backend, particularly interesting new features of Rendez-Vous 1.1 include the notion of active and inactive participation, allowing more accurate statistics and results tracking, a more robust implementation of shared database tables, allowing developers to easily share information between games, and a new Health Service, letting lobby administrators monitor and regulate the database and backend.

“Rendez-Vous has rapidly become a major focus at Quazal, mainly due to the incredible demand in the development and publishing industry. This new release introduces a number of features focused on the management and robustness of the server components, giving licensees strong confidence in the stability and scalability of the system as a whole, “said Sylvain Beaudry, President of Quazal.

Pricing and Availability
Quazal Net-Z, including the SyncSim and Voice extensions, and Quazal Rendez-Vous are available immediately for Microsoft Windows® and home console systems. Interested parties can reach Quazal at sales@quazal.com for further information on pricing and specific console availability. Visit http://www.quazal.com/devzone/ for more details.

About Quazal
Quazal is the leading supplier of multiplayer middleware with a community of over 200 network programmers using its products to propel the next generation of multiplayer games. Quazal revolutionized network programming in 1998 with the introduction of network-aware C++ objects that automatically synchronize themselves, rendering obsolete the traditional packet/socket paradigm. Today, Quazal continues to innovate with Rendez-Vous, the most flexible and robust cross platform online lobby solution available. Quazal’s products are used by publishers and developers such as Eidos, Ubisoft, JoWooD, Crave, Atari and more, to release some of the best games available on PlayStation® 2, Xbox®, Windows® and Linux. For more information on Quazal, please head to http://www.quazal.com.

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