Asian Themed MMORPG Yitien Open Beta Starts Tomorrow
Company: R2Games
Hong Kong - April 8, 2013 - Today, Reality Squared Games (R2Games) announced that Yitien, a next-generation, Chinese-themed browser game developed by Teamtop Games (China) and published by Reality Squared Games (Shanghai), will be launching their beta phase on April 9th. In Yitien, players embark on a quest to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty and restore Han Chinese rule. To do so, they will have to master the ancient kung fu scrolls contained in two legendary weapons, the Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre.

Yitien combines traditional elements from your favorite browser and client games with several new gaming mechanics to provide games with an entirely new experience. Below are just a few of the many systems and features Yitien has to offer:

Main Quests: Players progress through the main storyline as they defeat enemies and gather items and equipment to level up their character.

The Grove of Valor: This is a unique PK event held at 8:15 PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It is divided into three divisions based on character level: Beginner (lvl. 30-49), Intermediate (lvl. 50-69) and Advanced (lvl. 70+).

Upon entering, players will begin fighting one another. Winning a battle earns 2 points while losing earns 1 point. Each player has 20 lives. The event will last until only one player is left standing. That player will receive 20 points and a Hero Medal (Epic). When the event ends, the player with the most points will be declared the winner and will receive EXP, items and a special title commemorating his/her victory.

Kunlun Mts.: Can you spot a real Yeti when you see one? Upon entering this event, all players will be dressed as Yetis and their names will display as "Yeti". There will also be real Yetis roaming the mountains as well. Mounts, chat channels, pets, clothing, titles and other character info will be hidden to ensure that it is impossible to distinguish Yetis from players.

Click on a "Yeti" to enter battle. Defeating a real Yeti will earn 1 point and give you a chance to obtain treasures, defeating a player will earn 3 points. Killing players will not win you any treasures.

Marriage: Feeling lonely? Grab a close friend, buy a ring, and take the plunge! Marriage provides awesome stat bonuses and you can even invite friends to your wedding!

Checkpoint: Checkpoint is like a mini-board game within Yitien itself. Players roll the dice and move their player the corresponding amount of spaces on the board. If two players land on the same space, they will battle one another. While moving around the board, players may also encounter mysterious warriors that challenge them to games of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Defeat them to earn rare Essence Orbs.

Come forth, great warriors, for wondrous adventures await you! Unlock the power concealed within the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre to become the new ruler of your domain!
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