Next Generation Outsourcing for Xbox 360â„¢
Company: RABCAT
London, 7 June 2005 – RABCAT is currently working on a considerable amount of photorealistic and true to original cars for the upcoming next generation racing game "Test Drive® Unlimited". Developed by Eden Games, the title will be published by Atari® for the anticipated Xbox 360™.

“This is a huge step forward in mastering graphic requirements for the next generation of video games” says Thomas Schleischitz, who is one of RABCAT’s co-founders and the responsible producer for this project. “This production points out our ambitions to become one of the cutting edge games-outsourcing companies in Europe”.

Due to the growing complexity of games and the increased expectations of the target audience outsourcing has become a key word for the industry. RABCAT’s outsourcing model is aligned to these new demands and the company demonstrates its qualitative services by working on AAA games with several high profile clients.

“RABCAT's mastering of both technical and artistic fields combined with on-time deliveries make it an awesome partner for our current and future productions” says Ahmed Boukhelifa, Producer at Eden Games.

Arnold Blueml, one of the company’s co-founders, ads: “Working together with Eden Games is an exciting experience and a good example of where the graphic production of video games will move in the next years. We are glad to collaborate with Eden Games in such a great way and are looking forward to the release of "Test Drive® Unlimited" and other promising Eden Games titles in the future”.

About RABCAT entertainment (
RABCAT entertainment was established in 2001 as service provider for the entertainment industry and is headquartered in Vienna-Austria with a marketing representative in London-UK. The company’s team shows more than a decade of games industry experience and has been credited with work for several AAA titles and is a winner of multiple awards.

As outsourcing specialists RABCAT's services cater to production teams that are understaffed, facing tight deadlines and require specialized third party assistance. RABCAT's approach is direct and practical, assuring the best quality and service at optimum cost-performance ratio. RABCAT can take over the entire content creation of projects, ingame graphics and cinematics.
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