RaidCall Official version 5.0.0 released
Company: RaidCall
We are really pleased to announce that with our official release version of RaidCall 5.0.0 we have introduced some exciting new features.

This is a very important time for RaidCall and we'd like you to take at some of the changes we've made.

As we continue to take suggestions from you, our users for all things RaidCall, we want you to know that we are working continuously on implementing both, the new features you’ve asked for, and fixes for all those bugs and errors that you all have been reporting.

RaidCall client changes:

1. Totally new RaidCall interface to perfect your voice chatting experience
2. Drag and drop for moving people into channels.
3. Ability to upload custom server logo.
4. Added favorite server feature, that means you can add the servers you like into “favorite server” list simply right clicking the server.
5. Multi- button mouse support for hotkey setup
6. URL links in chat are now clickable.
7. Channels now auto expand when connecting to server.
8. Server location option added, so you can change a much fast server according to your internet connection speed.
9. Feedback system has been added.

Overlay changes:

1. An IM system has now been added in Overlay mode, which means you no longer have to exit the game to be able to chat with friends who are out of game.
2. UI can now be scaled via overlay sidebar.
3. Speaker position can now be customized in overlay (for instance, if you drag sidebar bottom left corner, then your speaker position becomes top left)
4. A Server Ping icon has added so that you may now check your server ping. This icon can also be hidden.
5. Modified default scrollbars.
6. Overlay windows can now be managed automatically while gaming.
7. To display the system menu, you can either right click, or double left click the blank area of the overlay sidebar.
8. The default status for overlay is set to 'close.'
If you want to active overlay once game starts, please make sure:
A. Make sure tick “active overlay once game starts” in overlay settings
B. Open the configuration file “raidcall/flash/config.xml”under RaidCall install directory and change Autostart parameter setting to “1” in corresponding games option.

Please note that overlay may or may not work properly set to loading automatically as the game starts.
9. Added notification for new messages both in game and out of game.
10. Added option to change overlay skin.
11. Overlay goes live in the following games.
World of Warcraft
War3 (only support 32-bit color)
StarCraft II
Titan Quest
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Warharmer Online
Call of duty 4

Bugs fix:
1. The overlay in StarCraft II can be activated normally.
2. RaidCall would not refresh itself and place the program in the center of the screen in overlay mode in some cases.
3. Fixed the bug where a server logo would fail to upload.
4. Fixed a problem that arises when trying to change hotkeys.
5. Fixed UI and text errors.
6. The 'start with windows’ problem has been resolved.
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