Train Simulator 2013 Announced for September 20th
Chatham, UK--August 15, 2012 (gamescom) Ltd., the market-leading train simulation developer, announced today that Train Simulator 2013, the sequel to the multi award-winning and best-selling Train Simulator 2012 will launch simultaneously worldwide on September 20.

Train Simulator 2013 continues the unprecedented legacy set by the franchise by promising to be the most advanced train simulator in the world. Every aspect of gameplay and the in-game environment is designed to make the player feel like they are controlling a real locomotive. As well as a more immersive experience, improved graphics and additional content, new control options make the simulator easier than ever to operate. For the first time, Train Simulator 2013 will boast Microsoft Xbox 360® controller compatibility, enabling players to get away from their desks and drive in front of their TVs. Players around the world will also be able combine efforts to complete scenarios via Relay Play.

Also for the first time, Steam Workshop™ will be fully integrated into Train Simulator 2013, allowing users to create and share content with players from all over the world.

"The huge community that has developed around this game is incredibly productive, and they have great ideas for new content that can be created," said Paul Jackson OBE, CEO of "The integration of Steam Workshop allows them to express their vision and easily share it with other users. The all new multiplayer Relay Play will allow friends anywhere in the world to join forces to complete scenarios. Advances in control options and menus will make the experience more accessible to newcomers while offering enhanced and more immersive gameplay to everyone."

In addition to further-enhanced graphics and performance, Train Simulator 2013 features exciting new local content including highly-detailed locomotives and routes, each painstakingly recreated to offer hours of driving challenges. A new interface makes it simpler to select and drive trains on different routes, complete with improved weather effects.

Members of the media are invited to preview Train Simulator 2013 at gamescom: Business Area Hall 4.2, D, No. 025.

About Train Simulator 2013 pushes the boundaries of simulation once again with Train Simulator 2013, the latest addition to the multi award-winning franchise. Packed full of technical innovations, Train Simulator 2013 lets you drive trains, build worlds and add to your collection. With hours of driving challenges to enjoy on routes from around the world and superb locomotives from the golden age of steam to the modern era, Train Simulator 2013 is the first choice for simulation fans around the world!

Producer of cutting edge simulations and modeling tools for enthusiasts and industry, is a British success story and developer of the world-leading Train Simulator 2012. The company has seen rapid growth and built an industry-leading portfolio of more than 100 downloadable add-ons. RailSimulator's HQ and Content studio is based in Chatham England, It also has studios in Surrey (England), Stirlingshire (Scotland)
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About Steam Workshop
Steam Workshop™ allows players' ideas come to life in games played by millions of people. In Steam Workshop you can submit, find, rate, and download new content and modifications for your favorite Steam games. Steam workshop is already integrated into (among others) Portal 2™ and Skyrim™, and now Train Simulator 2013.
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