Hit the Road and Save World of Tommorow That Chose to Make War Instead of Love
Realore Studious is proud to unveil version 1.0 of Mad Cars, a brand-new racing blockbuster for the Windows platforms. In the Year of Darkness, 2066, the world fell into the most devastating nuclear clash that ruined superpowers and put millions on the brink of extinction. Mankind degenerates, cites are abandoned, streets become battlefields for brutal racing tournaments between vicious gangs. People need the Hero, someone like you, who can reshape the future and rid the world from uncontrollable gangs. You be this Man. There's no tomorrow for you and this makes you extremely dangerous!

Mad Cars v.1.0 puts you behind the wheel of one of the 9 high speed racing vehicles that will shoot you through 6 breathtaking tournaments, all the way to the victory. You will be able to hone your racing skills in the fiercest car battles with a cast of crazied, gun-toting motorists who forgot traffic rules long time ago. While challenging your rivals on 10 diversely-themed tracks including Autobahn, Atomic Station, Air Base, or Las Vegas, you mustn't forget to rake in Cash, Speed-Boost, Bullets and Repair Bonuses as they will significantly increase your chances for survival. Use the money to tune your car with hundreds of upgrade parts and advanced weapons. With superior firepower and enhanced car capabilities, you will leave your rivals miles behind to kiss the dust. Once you've won all tracks in a tournament, you will have to stand the final head-to-head action in the Death Match. For more details, visit http://www.realore.com/madcars.

"This winter the winners will be players who love extreme racing games" - said Natalia Matveeva, Marketing Communications Manager at Realore Studious. "With Mad Cars 1.0 we are opening the new product line that, as we believe, will be popular with anyone looking for fighting at high speeds. Mad Cars is not all about races and shooting, it's a "commercial fighting" game where players earn money and spend it on buying upgrade parts for their vehicles. The game combines an action-packed gameplay with lots of challenges, superb graphics and breathtaking effects that will give players a good shot of adrenaline!"

The latest version of Mad Cars 1.0 features such distinctive features as:
- Championship, Death Arena and Multiplayer Modes;
- 10 fantasy tracks including City, Military, Industrial and other weird places;
- 9 totally equipped racing vehicles including Bat, Furious Ranger, Insane, etc;
- A cast of 5 characters with Savage Dick, Crazy Sara or Belligerent Max;
- Cool bonuses such as speed-boost, money and extreme weapons;
- Advanced physics model with realistic damage effects;

Mad Cars v.1.0 is available for Windows 95/98/2000/XP and priced at $19.95 (USD). The registered version of the game features unlimited gameplay, free game updates and technical support.

The 60-minute demo version of Mad Cars v.1.0 with the Novice Championship can be downloaded for free at http://www.realore.com/madcars/madcars.exe.

About Realore Studious
Founded in 2002, Realore Studios is a dynamically developing interactive entertainment company focused on developing, publishing and distributing
games worldwide. Our games bring fun and excitement into thousands of homes in Europe, America and Asia. The company's catalogue features such
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