Agent Ozzy Is Looking for a Partner!
Realore Studious, one of the world's most innovative producers of family games, is excited to announce version 2.0 of Turtle Odyssey. The totally new action-packed adventure blockbuster for the Windows platforms now has 20 more levels. Turtle Odyssey comes to life as Ozzy, a young but very promising turtle, has been chosen to challenge underwater mafia and bring back stolen talismans. After evil sea villains stole Ozzy's shell, a dear gift from Dad, the brave turtle has very strong personal motives to put a stop to the outrageous unrest in the Pacific Coast neighborhood.

The excitement and intrigue of the game unfold among the incredibly spectacular underwater locals with vibrant coral reefs and exotic sea flora. As you and Ozzy explore hundreds of diversely-themed game levels, you must collect gold coins, health bottles and, of course, diamonds. The latter will be your passport to the next level. However, your journey will not be all milk and honey. Watch out for danger as it may be around the corner or behind your back. Stay away from devil-fish and forget about messing up with sea hedgehogs as their needles can spike your little friend really bad. Take advantage of the advanced motion control system that enables Ozzy to show great acrobatic skills in hopping over holes and jumping from one moving platform to another. With superb graphics, energizing gameplay and three difficulty levels, Turtle Odyssey will be your absolute desktop hit for a couple of months and even more!

"In producing Turtle Odyssey we had key areas that we were focused on in order to provide the best gaming experience: original scenario, in-game graphics and gameplay" said Natalia Matveeva, Marketing Communications manager at Realor Studious. "Our players will find an amusing friend, turtle Ozzy and, together with him, they will immerse into the hilarious underwater adventure with lots of curious characters, dangerous challenges and unusual surprises. We believe the game will be equally interesting for children as well as their parents."

Turtle Odyssey is available for Windows 98/2000/XP and priced at $19.95 (USD). The registered version of the game features unrestricted gameplay, unlocked high scores table, three unique game modes, free game updates and technical support.

The trial version of Turtle Odyssey that hosts all basic functionality can be downloaded for free at:

About Realore Studious
Founded in 2002, Realore Studios is a dynamically developing interactive entertainment company focused on developing, publishing and distributing family-oriented games worldwide. Our games bring fun and excitement into thousands of homes in Europe, America and Asia. The company's catalogue features such popular titles as Aqua Bubble, Bubble Ice Age, Tiny Cars 2 and Aqua Words. More information is available at .
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