Welcome to Jane's Realty!
Realore Studios, the creators of Jane's Hotel, have made us a great gift and released new game with favourite Jane the character most of us have enjoyed so much. Welcome to Jane's Realty, a place where you can try your hand at giving your customers real comfort and yourself have several hours of time-management fun. Build you dream city with Jane's Realty!

Now you are able to build your own city with the help of this succesfull young woman. Of cause you need not only build some houses, but you should begin from constucting all the city’s infrastructure – electric power stations, water towers etc. Hire the best workers, use the most modern technical equipment to creat the city of your dream and make all the citizens happy! Follow your dream with Jane in new Realore Studios game Jane’s Realty!

The game has all the great features as all Realore game has! What's new?
-Unique system of furniture disposition (you score depends on where you place furniture) It's new for games!
-Different weather conditions: rain, sun, thunderstorm etc.
-Unique bonus system (you can make customers more happy with the help of bonuses
- "Sims" element - you can do your own decor for every house.

You will be offered 25 increasingly-challenging levels of great time-management game play in 2 modes: Business and Design Game. Build you dream city with Jane's Realty! From small valley to huge Sunny Hills resor city! Build special buildings such as Shops, Bank and City administration. Are you ready for the challenge? If yes -start your own business with Jane now!

Awesom graphics and dozens of new furnishings and special buildings add much to the enjoyment.

Download game from http://realore.com/janesrealty/

Pricing & Availability

Jane’s Realty runs under Windows 98, 2000, XP, Me, 98SE, Vista (for Mac OS -will be able soon too). Its free evaluation copy that offers 60 minutes of gameplay is available immediately through the Realore’s website (www.realore.com) or through the network of authorized resellers worldwide.

About Realore Studios
Realore Studios is a worldwide publisher, developer dedicated to producing and publishing casual, on-line games, games for mobiles and entertainment software for other platforms.Realore is the author of games: Jane's Hotel, Jane's Hotel Family Hero, Dress Up Rush, Jane's Realty, Ozzy Bubbles, Turtle Odyssey and Age of Japan.
For more information, visit www.realore.com.
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