Rebel Entertainment Reveals Storm the Gates for iPad and Web
Burbank, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2013 – Rebel Entertainment, acclaimed creators of 2012’s critically praised dungeon crawler, Dungeon Rampage, unveiled its second title, Storm the Gates, via a Kickstarter campaign today. A cross-platform multi-player tactical combat game with aspects of collectible card game (CCG), Storm the Gates will be available on iPad and the web at launch, allowing players to battle with friends and enemies anywhere, anytime. Interested gate stormers can find out more, or back the project, at the game’s official Kickstarter page.

Set in a medieval fantasy world torn by war, success on the battlefield in Storm the Gates requires a blend of strategic planning and tactical execution on the fly. Matches start on a grid-based battlefield divided by the thick cover of trees. During each match, players accumulate valuable resources by controlling more territory, and in turn crushing their opponents with more deadly warriors. As players explore the map they deploy and command their units, paving new roads toward their enemy’s stronghold. Destruction of your enemy’s base is the ultimate goal of each match. When the tree lines disappear, the hell of war is unleashed and the bloodshed begins.

Storm the Gates will initially feature two playable factions, the Isenhal Human Empire and Orc Marauders. Additional game features include:

Acquire, Assemble and Annihilate! – On top of turn-based tactical gameplay, Storm the Gates packs classic CCG elements where players can acquire and collect unique units to create distinctive sets of armies. Different units provide varied advantages and disadvantages; hence a carefully assembled army is key to annihilating enemies.
Tactical Multi-player Matches – Storm the Gates features multiple challenging multi-player game modes, including 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5, all capable of synchronous or asynchronous gameplay on a scale rare in tablet games. Storm the Games also gives an option of cooperative AI matches to cater to different types of players.
Ever Changing Battle Maps – In Storm the Gates, players build out the battlefield throughout the course of a battle, making every clash unique with different key strategic points to conquer. Terrain tiles can be used to provide unique defensive situations or generate more resources. With this mechanic, the game gets virtually unlimited strategic depth that changes as a battle is fought out.

Storm the Gates follows Rebel’s highly acclaimed Facebook platform game, Dungeon Rampage, advancing the studio’s vision for creating immersive multi-player games on any platform.

“Dungeon Rampage was one of the first synchronous multi-player experiences on Facebook, laying the foundation for the synchronous cross-platform multiplayer experience and deep strategic gameplay we’ve created with Storm the Gates,” said Mike Goslin, CEO, Rebel Entertainment. “We are pushing the limits with Storm the Gates – creating a new type of tactical combat game with cross-platform team multiplayer that has never been done before. As we get closer to launch, we hope fans of fantasy games, multi-player gaming and CCGs will appreciate the awesome potential for fun in Storm the Gates and help us bring it to life.”

Storm the Gates is now on Kickstarter and open to funding. All backers will receive early beta access with additional perks scaled depending on the pledge tiers. Rebel Entertainment is planning on adding additional features to the game at launch, including additional factions and Android support if the stretch goals are met. More information can be found on the Storm the Gates Kickstarter page.

To find out more about the game, visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

About Rebel Entertainment
Rebel Entertainment is an innovative online game studio located in Burbank, Calif., currently developing and publishing social, mobile and Web-based games. Comprised of a team of highly-regarded industry professionals from Disney, Zynga, Atari, Insomniac, Electronic Arts and other leading interactive entertainment companies, Rebel Entertainment is passionate about creating fun, high-quality and fantastically entertaining games. For more information, please visit
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