Red Panda Games' Host Holic Hits Gold
Seattle, WA. -- November 1, 2012 -- Red Panda Games ( is pleased to announce the release of The Host Holic, a visual novel game for PC.

The Host Holic follows the story of an American woman who decides to travel to Japan and teach English after having an abysmal job search due to the economic downturn. The game features a complex dating system, and allows the player to experience cultural aspects of Japanese life through activities such as shopping, obento, host clubs, and even a Japanese style game arcade. The game also integrates a classroom management system that requires the player, as a teacher, to make the best possible choices to ensure success for the school and its students. An optional subplot allows the player to investigate an unexplained psychological illness that is affecting the students at school.

Multiple paths and various endings allow for significant replay value. The game is currently available for $19.99 at They are also offering a social media discount. More information can be found at the developer's website:

-Balance Your Work Life with Dating in Tokyo!
-4 Cute Guys to Date and Dress Up!
-Shopping, Cooking (Obento), and Other Fun Things to Do.
-Learn Something About Yourself and Your Dating Preferences.
-Plot Twists that You Will NEVER See Coming!

About Red Panda Games:
Red Panda Games is an independent game developer that started in Seattle, WA. Their commercial titles include Bipo: Mystery of the Red Panda and Curse of Slate Rock Manor. They are the leading commercial source for original English language visual novels.
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