Reef Entertainment Announces Alien Chaos 3D for European Release
London, April 16th: UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment today announced the European release of ALIEN CHAOS 3D only for the Nintendo 3DS™ downloadable via the Nintendo eShop.

Really Shooter & Poor Mama run a cleaning business - on the side Really takes commando jobs. When the animal robot aliens invade no further excuses are required for a side-on, room-clearing blast-a-thon….

…..However when you’re a cleaner as well as a commando things are never that simple. While engaging the alien hordes Really must sweep empty shells into recycling stations to make ammo and clean-up walls to earn points and credit from Mama.

 Really uses an arsenal of different weapons spanning the Peashooter right the way up to the Explosive Flaming Chainsaw Shotgun.
 The animal robot alien hordes include robo-boxing kangaroos, rocket spiked hedgehogs, shield carrying hippos and robo-frog fodder.
 Debris, sparks, smoke and flaming chainsaws pop from the screen in 3D.
 5 chapters, 30 levels and 5 deadly bosses.
 Exchange high scores with friends and other players via Street Pass.

ALIEN CHAOS 3D will be available on Nintendo eShop across Europe Summer ’12.


About Reef Entertainment:
Established in 2005, Reef Entertainment is based in offices near the city of Milton Keynes, UK. Created as a UK based computer games publishing company, Reef is an independent studio-style organisation - not owned by or connected to any other major entertainment group - to provide Developers and Content Owners with distinct and alternate routes to markets worldwide.

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