Laser Sharks, Brain Turtles, Intergalactic Polar Bears and More - Pre-Order Edge of Space to Play the Creative Craziness Now
Twain Harte, California – October 18, 2012 – Felix Baumgartner isn’t the only person that can head into space – now you can too! Handyman Studios and Reverb Publishing announced today that their stellar upcoming 2D sandbox Edge of Space is now available for pre-order from Rain Digital Games ( and will be coming soon to other digital distribution platforms. For just $9.99, gamers everywhere can download the early beta (but FULL) version of the game and start exploring, crafting items and interacting with other early adopters. Pre-order now at this early price, as the cost will increase upon launch!

Edge of Space is an open-world, dynamically-generated sandbox game set in an area of deep space where humans have never wanted, or were ever meant to, travel. The entire game was built from the ground-up with multiplayer in mind, and the reactive environments ensure that all activities (crafting, building, setting traps, healing, etc.) are fast-paced and intense. Other features of Edge of Space include:

Vaulted server-stored characters

Mega-deep exploration elements and ultra-rare items to seek out to help you dominate your world

A wide choice of vehicles, armors, weapons and variations of each to suit your method of play

Hordes of enemies and epic bosses: Enemies that have unique attack patterns and different vulnerabilities to exploit. One weapon will not rule them all!

Integrated IRC chat client grants gamers complete freedom to talk with friends, whether or not they’re currently in the game

Deep crafting system unique to the genre

Reactive environment: As you do things, the world will change and respond to those actions

Co-op weapons: When used in tandem or combo-ing with your friends create unique effects

Fully-modifiable world

Do everything with your friends


More to come…

Edge of Space has been submitted to Valve’s Steam Greenlight project (, which allows members of the Steam community to vote for games that they’d like to see available on the service. For more information on Steam Greenlight, please visit For more information on Edge of Space, visit the game’s official website:

Edge of Space joins Reverb Publishing’s growing roster of titles, which includes the massively successful Dungeon Defenders, the recently released Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad and Ravaged, the upcoming Primal Carnage, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Black Knight Sword and much more. For more information about Reverb Publishing and its initiatives, please visit


About Handyman Studios:
Founded in 2011, Handyman Studios is an independent game company founded on the dreams and skills of two game development veterans who are also best friends who have worked together for four years in various capacities. Starting out as a work for hire company, Handyman used its skills to help others and learn how to operate effectively and efficiently. With a successful kickstarter, Handyman Studios is able to transition into its real purpose - becoming a game studio dedicated to creating the best gameplay experience possible without fear to evolve or innovate in small and large ways. Handyman's unique strength resonates from the foundation. A handyman must be dedicated to their tasks and have a constant desire to learn and improve their trade.
For more information about Handyman Studios, please visit

About Reverb Publishing:
Launched in 2010, Reverb Publishing offers digital publishing to independent game developers on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC, iOS and Android, combining production and business development support paired with the proven public relations and marketing agency expertise from its parent company, Reverb Communications. Reverb Publishing’s unique business model is form fitted for studios, ensuring that they receive the majority of the game’s revenue and maintain ownership of their titles while Reverb handles all the non-developmental tasks including production support, navigating QA, and preparing for product submission.
The PR veterans at Reverb Communications have worked on recognizable brands like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band, Dance Central, Star Trek Online, as well as stellar digital titles like Battle Slots, Army of Darkness, BloodRayne: Betrayal, Kung Fu LIVE and the critically-acclaimed Dungeon Defenders.
For more information about Reverb Publishing, please visit
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