Reverb Publishing Signs Deal with Coffee Stain Studios to Publish Sanctum 2
Twain Harte, CA – February 7, 2012 – Fresh off the runaway success of Dungeon Defenders (which recently surpassed 1 million units sold across all platforms), digital experts Reverb Publishing today announced a partnership with the veteran development team at Coffee Stain Studios to publish the PC, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network version of Sanctum 2, the sequel to its incredibly popular PC title, Sanctum. Since launching on Steam in April 2011, the tower-defense/first-person-shooter genre bending Sanctum has sold over 300,000 units.

“We’re always searching for great games from passionate developers, particularly studios that have innovative ideas that get us excited to play them,” said Ted Lange, executive producer, Reverb Publishing. “Sanctum has been a huge success on Steam for Coffee Stain Studios, and bringing the next version to console players as well as the PC market is a great next step to share this unique experience. We all have logged quite a few hours with Sanctum and can definitively say that what Coffee Stain has in store for Sanctum 2 will blow the minds of Sanctum fans and new gamers alike.”

Sanctum is a fresh take on the tower defense genre and places the player right into the frenetic fray with tight first-person shooter gameplay mechanics. Gamers take the role of Skye, an elite soldier sent out to protect her home town, Elysion One, from hordes of mysterious alien creatures. To successfully defend your land, you must construct and upgrade a labyrinth of defensive structures and towers. When the havoc starts and the wave of baddies is unleashed, you jump right into the action with your own fully-upgradeable weapons and play a key role in the defense. Sanctum has taken the best features from FPSs and tower defense games to create something totally unique, and Sanctum 2 will only build on and improve that experience.

“With their combined public relations, marketing, sales and business development experience, Reverb Publishing has more than enough chops for us to be honored that they are publishing Sanctum 2,” said Anton Westbergh, producer and CEO for Coffee Stain Studios. “Reverb’s unique publishing model allowing us as the developer to fully retain our IP and keep the lion’s share of the revenue from the game made it a no-brainer. Their success with Dungeon Defenders proves they know how to take a digital title to market and make it a winner, and we can’t wait to see what they can do with Sanctum 2.”

Reverb Publishing’s unique business model is form fitted for each of its developers, ensuring that the developer receives the majority of the game’s revenue and maintains ownership of their titles’ IP while Reverb handles production support, first party management, marketing, public relations and distribution.

Sanctum 2 joins Reverb’s growing roster of titles, which includes the recently released Dungeon Defenders as well as the upcoming Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, JAM Live Music Arcade, Black Knight Sword and much more. For more information on Reverb Publishing and its line-up of titles, please visit us at, follow us on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.


About Reverb Publishing:
Founded in 2010, Reverb Publishing offers digital publishing to independent game developers on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, Wiiware, PC, iOS and Droid, by combining production and business development support paired with the proven public relations and marketing agency expertise from its parent company, Reverb Communications. Reverb Publishing’s unique business model is form fitted for studios, ensuring that they receive the majority of the game’s revenue and maintain ownership of their titles while Reverb handles all the non-developmental tasks including production support, navigating QA, and preparing for product submission.

The PR veterans at Reverb Communications have worked on recognizable brands like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band, Dance Central, Star Trek Online, as well as stellar digital titles like ZEN Pinball, Battle Slots, Army of Darkness, BloodRayne: Betrayal, Kung Fu LIVE and the recently released Dungeon Defenders.

For more information about Reverb Publishing, please visit

About Coffee Stain Studios:
Coffee Stain Studios is a game development studio based in Skövde, Sweden. The company was founded in 2010 and focus on quality game productions for multiple platforms. Coffee Stain Studios was one of the main contestants in the 'Intel Make Something Unreal' by Epic Games in 2009 with the title Sanctum. In the contest Sanctum placed among the top in the categories of: "Best FPS-game mod", and the educational category.
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