Rising Star Games Invites You to Reel in a Legend with Super Black Bass 3D
LOS ANGELES, CA - February 20, 2013 - Rising Star Games Inc, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment today announced that Super Black Bass 3D, part of the world's longest running fishing game franchise, is scheduled for release on the Nintendo 3DS™ system April 2nd, 2013 across North America.

With 16 releases across 7 different platforms, the legendary fishing series makes its return with Super Black Bass 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, and packs a host of exciting new features and gameplay modes in its tackle box that are designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Making full use of the 3DS motion sensor and gyroscope feature, cast your lure using Super Black Bass 3D's "Real Rod System." Feel the impact as it hits the water surface and wait in anticipation of the catch. Go in search of more than 30 types of fish through various environments and weather conditions as you experience fishing in vivid 3D and challenge other anglers for the top spot on the world-ranking leaderboards.

Super Black Bass 3D Key Features

Catch fish with Super Black Bass 3D's "Real Rod System" featuring realistic movement controls
Using the motion sensor and gyroscope features of the 3DS to cast your line
Swing the 3DS to cast your line and then tug it towards you to reel in the fish
Multiple Game Modes:
Tournament - compete in fishing tournaments to test your skills
Free mode - fish at your leisure using the settings you like
Hundreds of fish to catch across various competitive locations
Changing conditions that affect your fishing: changing seasons, weather conditions, and time of day
Upgradeable fishing gear: sell your catches to buy new fishing gear that will improve your skills and catch bigger fish
Bass - who has caught the biggest bass
Other fish - who has caught the biggest non-bass
Tournament - who has the best results
Your pond - who has the biggest fish in their pond
Fish prints - which fish prints have you acquired
Domestic / International rankings - Give yourself a Master of SBB alias and challenge fellow anglers from around the world:
Closest experience to real fishing on the Nintendo 3DS
Longest running videogame fishing franchise

For more information on Super Black Bass 3D, please visit www.risingstargames.com.

About Rising Star Games
Rising Star Games USA, based in Los Angeles, CA, with their head office in the United Kingdom, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software in North American and European territories for Microsoft Xbox 360™, Nintendo 3DS™, Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo Wii™, Sony PlayStation 3™ and Sony PlayStation Portable™. Bringing decades of combined experience with unique knowledge and a genuine passion for interactive entertainment, Rising Star Games expanded its reach to a larger Western audience in 2012, and delivered such notable titles as Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition, Carrier Command, Akai Katana, and are making waves with a robust 2013 lineup, which includes the industry-polarizing Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut. More information on Rising Star Games can be found at www.risingstargames.com.