Rising Star Games and Kraken Empire's Kromaia Ω Out Now on PS4™
November 9th, 2015 – Rising Star Games and Kraken Empire’s high octane shoot’em up is now available for purchase on PS4 via the PS Store, with a physical boxed edition coming on November 13th.

Kromaia Ω is a shoot’em up that takes players on a journey unlike any other. Mixing technology and myth, Kromaia’s world is a uniquely fascinating and mysterious place to explore. Battle your way through strange new worlds protected by giant god-like guardians and soar through ancient temple ruins as you attempt to uncover the secrets hidden within. Solve a wide array of puzzles as you engage in savage battles of wits between bouts of laser fire.

Providing players with full 360˚ freedom to fly, spin, and shoot, Kromaia gives you a level of control unheard of within the genre. The innovation doesn’t stop there, however, as Kromaia's unique adaptive AI creates a special kind of emergent gameplay. This adaptive AI changes variables like enemy speed and formations to offer new, uniquely tailored experiences based on how you choose to play. Combine this with a wide range of ultra-manoeuvrable and customisable piloted ships called Armors, head scratching puzzles and a wide range of ancient alien worlds to explore, the result is a game which changes the shoot’em up genre forever.

Kromaia Ω Features:

Interact with hundreds of physical objects and fight dozens of on-screen enemies at once
Highly destructible worlds with their own rules and law of physics
Adaptive AI - Artificial intelligence based on independent simple brains that cooperate creating emergent behaviours
Pilot several different Armors, each with unique weapons, attributes, and philosophies including an all-new armour exclusive to Kromaia Ω
Multiple gameplay modes including "Story," "Score Attack," and the all new “Pure Mode”
​Four levels of difficulty to test players of all skill levels
​Online leaderboards to show the rest of the shoot’em up world you mean business
Two-player local co-op that lets one player pilot while the other takes control of the weapon systems

For more information and insight on the story and lore of Kromaia, please visit the official micro-site.

About Rising Star Games
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Rising Star Games is a privately held video games publisher with a global reach. The company publishes video game entertainment across all game platforms from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Steam. With a catalogue of more than 120 games released, the company continues to expand its ambitions. www.risingstargames.com

About Kraken Empire
Kraken Empire is an independent game development studio founded in 2010 by industry professionals sharing a simple, yet firm principle: the creation of quality entertainment based upon modern software engineering methodology. The two-man team is mainly interested in innovative and experimental gaming experiences focusing on gameplay, performance and, of course, fun. They also have a great passion for technologies being more and more present in today's applications, like physics simulation, which is the cornerstone of their current projects. www.krakenempire.com

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