Bergsala Lightweight announce Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends coming to Nintendo DS
Thursday 31st March 2011: Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends, the follow-up to the incredibly successful Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends, now offers a host of extra features including jobs, shopping and all Hello Kitty’s best friends. Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends for the Nintendo DS is set to be published this summer in the UK and PAL markets by Bergsala Lightweight AB and is proudly presented by Rising Star Games.

Hello Kitty returns to help out her friends any way she can in Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends. New additions to Hello Kitty and Friends mean she can now visit her friends in the shopping mall and even help with some part-time work. Players can also take Hello Kitty shopping, decorate her room, and choose her clothes. Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends features all of Kitty’s best friends.

Play with Hello Kitty and her friends over five distinctive areas: Hello Kitty’s room, the shops, the food court, shopping area and playing with Hello Kitty’s friends. In Hello Kitty’s room you can customise furniture, clothing and accessories. At the shops you can put on unique uniforms for each shop, play fun mini-games and help out at various shops; all run by Hello Kitty’s friends. In the food court you can work in various jobs to earn Puro (the in-game currency), and play more mini-games based on the shop you choose to work in. You can then use the Puro you’ve earned to purchase goods and visit Hello Kitty’s friends in the various shops. You can also play an additional eight mini-games with Hello Kitty’s friends.

Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games says: “Hello Kitty is hugely recognisable worldwide and the first game was a massive hit. With our previous success with the brand it’s a delight to bring another videogame from this much loved character to the UK. Hello Kitty has such a huge following across the globe, it’s great to be able to offer UK fans another opportunity to interact with this wonderful character.”

Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends w ill be released throughout PAL territories in 2011, courtesy of Bergsala Lightweight AB and proudly presented by Rising Star Games.

About Bergsala Lightweight AB
Bergsala Lightweight AB is a new European publisher created by Nintendo Nordic distributor Bergsala AB alongside Japanese content creators Lightweight. Bergsala Lightweight will release a number of Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS titles all exclusively handled in Europe by Rising Star Games.

About Rising Star Games
Rising Star Games Limited is a video games publisher for Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo DS™ and Wii™, Sony PS3 and PSP™ in the PAL territory. A joint venture between Japanese video game publisher and content developer Intergrow Inc and long standing Nintendo Nordic distributor Bergsala AB, Rising Star Games is now in its seventh year of trading and has published more than 50. For more information please go to


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