Brawl Busters Hustles with Get Glow or Die Tryin' Update
Markham, Canada - September 06, 2012 - Rock Hippo Productions announced today the launch of another fresh Update for its free-to-play multiplayer action-combat game, Brawl Busters. "Get Glow or Die Tryin'" Update features a new Glow Control mode, gamepad support, player limit customization and much more. Players can download the game for free at

With the arrival of this exciting new Update, players will hustle for Glow Control. The new mode is a supernatural twist on the classic King of the Hill. Busters are tasked with capturing and holding special Glow Zones that emit the radioactive Glow substance.

Due to an overwhelming demand, gamepad support has been added. Bring an even more arcade-y feel to your brawls with this useful new option. Various gamepad controllers are supported, including the popular Xbox controllers.

Brawl Busters takes good care of its newbies. All new players will now start the game with a Rookie Helmet. This powerful hat provides master protection for Rookie Busters. For the sake of gameplay balance, the Helmet will expire after three days.

Your cries have been heard! A new feature has been added to allow players to customize the player limit in their matches. You don't have to play with hordes of others anymore if you prefer an intimate company of friends for brawl busting.

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About Brawl Busters
Brawl Busters, an online multiplayer action combat game, brings a brand new free-to-play experience to PC gamers from all over the world. Featuring innovative gameplay and a signature offbeat style like no other, Brawl Busters is about to take the genre to a whole new level. Controls are intuitive and easy to learn, letting players focus on one thing: becoming World-Class Busters.
In Brawl Busters, players have full access to five unique classes: Boxer, Firefighter, Rocker, Slugger and Blitzer. Each class has its own unique moves, strengths and weaknesses as well as an extensive range of customization options. With a variety of single-player and multi-player modes available, Brawl Busters appeals to a wide range of players.
Hosting tournaments, organizing forum events and interacting through social media, the Brawl Busters Team also offers an outstanding gaming community to players as well!
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Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. is a digital media provider and publisher of online, community based video games for distribution to the mass market on a global scale. Founded in 2009, Rock Hippo seeks to provide premier "free-to-play" interactive entertainment, which offers a community and social networking experience to gamers all over the world, resulting in a gaming experience that is second to none.
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