Microvolts Releases Winter Warfare Update
Markham, Canada – January 25, 2013 - Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of its latest update – Winter Warfare - for their popular free-to-play cartoon-style third-person shooter, MicroVolts. The war for precious battery resources never stops, even in the dead of winter. Get the new update right now before you get left out in the cold! Join the toy war, register for events and check out the latest screenshots and trailer at www.MicroVolts.com!

You might want to wear mittens before handling the brand new stone cold killer weapons. Crystal Swords, Icicle Rifles, and Ice Core Gatling Guns make cool additions to an ever growing all-season arsenal.

Join Old Man Winter’s army and unleash devastating forces of nature on unprepared enemy soldiers. Assume the form of the mighty Glacies C.H.I.P., the one-of-a-kind Snowflake Pandora, or the enchanting Glacier Naomi.

Stop the spread of the flu this season by visiting your local Micro World health clinic. The lovely Medic and First Aid Naomi will give you some tips to fight nasty viruses and germs. Most importantly, remember to stay stylish out there with the new toasty Dragon Toque or the omg-so-cute Rabbit and Bunny Ears.

Several new accessories, including Roy-Ban Shaders, Boosters, Bass Speaker, and more, should help you beat the winter blues. If that’s not enough, check out the 30% discount on Battery Rechargers, Battery Expansions, and Upgrade Resets! Take advantage of this deal before it melts!

Let the warm glow of your computer screen keep you cozy during this cold spell! For latest event details and to download the game for free, visit www.MicroVolts.com.

About MicroVolts
Four toy figures - Naomi, Knox, Pandora and C.H.I.P.- carry special instructions to activate others of their kind.  But with limited battery resources, they are forced to fight for power.  Now toys around the world are engaged in an all-out secret war for supremacy of the Micro World.
MicroVolts is a free-to-play online multiplayer third-person shooter. Players and reviewers alike are raving about the unique gaming experience of MicroVolts, with its dynamic cartoon style graphics and intense fast-paced gameplay. Players can create their own custom character, swap between 7 weapon types on the fly, and battle it out in over 10 exciting locations. With events and tournaments hosted each week and strong player involvement through social media channels and forums, there's something for both social and competitive gamers.  Join the battle today at www.MicroVolts.com!

About Rock Hippo Productions Ltd.
Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. is a digital media provider and publisher of online, community based video games for distribution to the mass market on a global scale. Founded in 2009, Rock Hippo seeks to provide premier "free-to-play" interactive entertainment, which offers a community and social networking experience to gamers all over the world, resulting in a gaming experience that is second to none.
For more information about Rock Hippo and its current product offerings, visit www.RockHippo.com.