Rescue 2013 - Be An Everyday Hero!
Company: rondomedia
German games publisher rondomedia and Finnish development studio Fragment Productions are happy to announce further details of their new firefighting and rescue simulation Rescue 2013 Everyday Heroes.

First announced in December 2012, Rescue 2013 Everyday Heroes is a challenging and realistic rescue simulation, offering features typical to PC simulations, as well as popular RPG and management genres.

You head up a large fire department and take on responsibilities that come with this important role. This means important administrative work such as the hiring, firing and other necessary tasks to maintain the station's operational readiness. Maintenance and upgrades of its vehicle fleet and continuous expansion of the station itself also fall on your broad shoulders.

You also get the chance to get out from behond your desk and take the wheel during emergency rescue operations; coordinating the movements of team members, vehicles and machines to the best of your abilities. You must ensure all resources are used effectively to snuff out danger and bring crisis situations under control.

Every member of the emergency team of Rescue 2013 Everyday Heroes will possess various character traits: strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences as well as their own background story, giving you a chance to identify with many of the game's 40 characters.

A comprehensive step‐by‐step introduction will lead you through the parameters of the game and their interconnections. You'll gradually discover important gameplay elements and effective deployment of them during later missions.

There are three game modes available: management mode, action mode and freeplay mode.

Rescue 2013 Everyday Heroes will be released in the second quarter of 2013. It will be available in the German speaking market for 29.99 Euro (recommended retail price). A release of localised versions in other European countries is planned to take place simultaneously with the German language publication.

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