Awesomenauts: out now on Steam!
Company: Ronimo Games
Utrecht, August 1st 2012 - The Awesomenauts are ready for liftoff once again! This time blasting into 80's cartoon space from PC! The game boasts 8 powerful characters vying for cosmic dominance in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. For example, Froggy G the hiphop frog deals deadly water dashes. Meanwhile, Yuri the Russian space monkey is outfitted with a proximity mines and a jetpack. And Leon the sneaky Chameleon wields a powerful lightning sword. In Awesomenauts two teams of 3 players battle each other using these and other awesome characters. Their goal? To destroy the other teams' base! There's a release trailer available here:

The game is available now on Steam ( for $9.99 / 6.99 / 9.99. A Mac version of the game will be released soon.

To celebrate the launch of Awesomenauts on PC, we've decided to throw in a couple of extra goodies and options when buying Awesomenauts. First off: Team Fortress 2 goodies! When you pick up Awesomenauts on Steam before September 5th, you will receive an exclusive Sheriff Lonestar hat (with authentic mustache!) for the Sniper, Yuri's jetpack for the Pyro, and a unique medal that can be used with all Team Fortress 2 characters - to show to the world that you're part of the Awesomenauts! These goodies will be available starting August 2nd.

Meanwhile, if you're planning to form an Awesomenauts team with two of your friends, go grab the 3-for-2 bundle! It'll save you and your friends a round of drinks. If you're planning on drinking while playing might we suggest getting something with caffeine in it, because it could quickly turn into an all-nighter.

Finally, the awesomely rockin' soundtrack will also be available through Steam! The soundtrack has all ingame tracks, the extended theme and a megamix of the songs and character themes! It can be bought in a bundle with the game for $11.99 / 8.49 / 11.99 or as seperate DLC for $2.99 / 1.99 / 2.99.