Genji: The Legend Begins
Company: S.C.E.E.
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is proud to announce the arrival of the hugely anticipated first release from Yoshiki Okamoto's new studio, Game Republic. Gaming guru Okamoto-san has been responsible for some of the most ground-breaking titles of our time, including Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil and, more recently, Devil May Cry. Now the king of action-adventure has created his own development team to bring us yet another master-class in Japanese perfection.

GenjiTM is a beautifully cinematic, sword-wielding Samurai adventure based on the popular Japanese legend of the same name. Acting as the historic hero Genkuro Yoshitsune or his trusted companion Benkei, the warrior monk, you set out on a mission to release the oppressed from the evil forces of the warlord Kiyomori and restore the Genji dynasty to power.

Taking its visual cue from movies like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "House of Flying Daggers", Genji has a beautifully crafted aesthetic. Battle commences in lush Autumnal forests, grand, eastern palaces and blood soaked feudal battlegrounds, with an incredible attention to detail that really brings the legend to life.

As you would expect from the grand-daddy of Street Fighter, Genji plays as good as it looks. Execute slick and deadly manoeuvres, motion captured from a Samurai Swordmaster. Rain down combos, super-moves, parries and more onto your opponents; special features such as the 'Mind's Eye' slow time around you, allowing you to anticipate the enemies' movements with lightning precision and unleash balletic finishing moves.

A unique artificial intelligence, developed in conjunction with top Japanese fight director, Mitsuhiko Seike, constantly controls the action transforming each battle sequence into carefully choreographed kung-fu combat.

With an enchanting story, fluid gameplay and truly outstanding visuals, Genji sets itself apart and delivers what is to be expected from the creator of such land-mark games. Genji brings the vast, mystical terrain of ancient Japan onto the PlayStation 2 and absorbs you into the atmosphere and experience.

Genji: the legend begins...

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