Drive Boredom away With Everybody'S Golf
Company: S.C.E.E.
- Simple to pick up, hard to master, ideal for all levels of gamer
- Simultaneous September release on PlayStation® 2 and PSPTM
- Puts you 'on course' for a fun packed social golfing experience
- Relax the rules and tee off to become a golfing great!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the September release of Everybody's Golf exclusive to PlayStation®2 and PSPTM. Developed by the sports mad Clap Hanz Ltd team at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), Everybody's Golf is a revolution in golf gaming. With its quirky characters and fun approach, Everybody's Golf is casual gaming at its best. Balancing the fun aspects of arcade style gaming with the realistic approach of a sports simulator, Everybody's Golf will leave gamers constantly wanting just one more round.

Taking the stuffiness out of the sport and injecting fun on the course and into the clubhouse, Everybody's Golf welcomes beginners and the more seasoned 'golf gamer' alike into this stunning world of golfing glory. Gorgeous sun drenched landscapes, sparkling streams and deep sandy dunes give you the perfect landscapes to perfect your putts.

Key features of Everybody's Golf for PlayStation 2include:

34 funky characters

13 exciting entire courses, ranging from the challenging 18-holes to the demanding par three and mini-golf courses

1-4 players can go head-to-head off line, 1-50 players can play together online!

Exclusive new modes to hone your skills in - including:
Tournament: Compete in a series of events to increase your player ranking plus earning credits which can be exchanged for items in the club shop.
V's: Challenge game character golfers - if you win they are unlocked as playable characters; gain other unlocks as prizes e.g. new character costumes
Training: where practice makes perfect
Online: Go head to head in a single match or enter a tournament with up to 50 players competing simultaneously

Key features of Everybody's Golf for PSP include:

Breathtaking graphics, spectacular lighting, dramatic camera-angles, true-to-life golf physics

10 new characters and 5 new caddies

6 brand new courses

Fully customisable characters including over 250 body parts, accessories, clubs and balls

Upgrade clubs and golf balls for longer shots, impressive control or deadly accuracy

3 new modes:
Single-player: Allows stroke play mode as well as tournament challenge mode with unlockable characters and items
Multi-player: Allows connection with up to 8 players via wireless connection for a real time tournament or all new putting challenge
Training mode: Allows players to practice their skills on selected courses

Whether you play on PlayStation 2 or PSP, Everybody's Golf provides the perfect environment for casual multiplayer gaming - with wireless gaming on PSP and online fun on PlayStation 2. So pick up a copy and experience first hand how easy it is to get hooked on this simple-to-play but hard to put down golfing classic!

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