Have a Beastly Good Time With Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble
Company: S.C.E.E.
Dundee - Monday 7th September 2009: Get your fingers on the buzzers and prepare to cause chaos in Monster Rumble, the third addition to the riotously fun Buzz!™ Junior collection, now available on PlayStation 3. Launching on Playstation Store at £3.99 parents and their little terrors can run riot in the weird and wonderful Monster Mansion to find out which of the colourful and crazy creatures is number one through a series of 5 fiendish mini-games for up to four players.

Developed by Dundee-based Cohort Studios, this re-release of the well-received PlayStation 2 original can be enjoyed by everyone, even those without official Buzz!™ controllers thanks to intuitive DualShock support. With beautifully rendered cartoon visuals and a great sense of humour, younger players will enjoy the fun aesthetics and hilarious mini-games on offer, while a range of difficulty settings make this challenging for parents.

Buzz!™ Junior: Monster Rumble has been created using the developer’s internal Praetorian™ technology, which is also being used on other internal projects. Bruce McNeish, CTO at Cohort Studios explains: "Having our own internal framework and technology provides us with many benefits. We can both turn around projects quickly as well as develop proposal demos with minimum fuss. Having complete control over our internal framework also gives us great flexibility when we are looking at middleware solutions which allow us to concentrate on creating fun content."

CEO at Cohort Studios Lol Scragg said: “We are pleased with the ongoing success of the Buzz!™ Junior series and are grateful that Sony continue to create games for an often overlooked younger audience. We feel that many kid’s games are falling into that ‘casual’ and therefore overly-simplistic pigeon hole. But while Monster Mayhem is aimed at the three-plus market, it can still provide children with a decent challenge and hours of fun in equal measure, something many kids games fail to deliver. With kids skilfully picking up games at an increasingly early age, we have to warn parents that they might be outclassed by their young ones on this one. You have been warned.”

Buzz!™ Junior: Monster Rumble Key Features and information
- Multiplayer madness for up to four players
- Buzz!™ Buzzer or DualShock controller support
- Unlockable trophies
- Fully customisable characters
- PEGI 3+ Rating

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