Spot The Differences: Party! to hit the Wii U™ eShop on September 5th
Company: Sanuk Games
July 11th, 2013 – Sanuk Games is ecstatic to announce that “Spot The Differences: Party!” will be available in the Wii U™ eShop in Europe and America on September 5th.

“Spot The Differences: Party!” builds on the earlier success of “Spot The Differences” on WiiWare, removing all limitations that came along with the WiiWare platform. The game is now supercharged with 360 high-definition scenes and 3,600 differences to find. Aimed at all audiences, it offers a journey through odd and attractive scenes in many different settings.

In single-player mode, it can be played either on the Wii U Gamepad or on the TV with a Wii Remote. Two multiplayer modes also allow up to 4 friends or family members to play together:

· In synchronous multiplayer mode, one player plays on the Gamepad while others play with Wii Remotes. They compete on who finds more differences.
· In turn-based multiplayer mode, players play in turn on the gamepad. In the end of each round, they get a synchronous replay on the TV to see who found differences fastest.

Earlier iterations of Sanuk Games’ “Spot The Differences!” were successful on all platforms. Sony once listed it as the 6th best-selling Playstation ‘minis’ game of all times, while the iOS version was the 1st best-selling game in the Italian AppStore for 11 days. Throughout all AppStores, the game was blessed with a large majority of 5-stars ratings and delighted comments such as “This is my favorite app by far!”, “Fun to play and very addicting!”

The game will be priced €5 and $5, respectively. It will be available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian (the two latter languages in the European version only).

About Sanuk Games –
Sanuk Games is a prolific casual game studio who churned out over 50 games in the past couple of years from its Bangkok-based facility. Among Sanuk Games’ recent releases are Hysteria Project, Actual Crimes: Jack The Ripper, Twin Blades, Pix’n Love Rush, 3D Twist & Match, Drums Challenge, Arkedo Series, Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign.