PIX誰 LOVE RUSH coming soon on Minis (PSP/PS3)
Company: Sanuk Games
Bulkypix, Pastagames and Sanuk Games are happy to announce that the universally acclaimed retro-themed platformer PIX誰 LOVE RUSH will be released soon on Sony痴 Minis platform for PSP and PS3.

Move, jump and shoot! Does it sound easy? Well, it is at first. But then it gets much, much harder! PIX誰 LOVE RUSH packs all you love in classic Jump and Run games into 5-minutes sessions where your heartbeat won稚 resist the rush! And for those willing to challenge their endurance, the game also features an infinite mode.

Packed with 125 levels popping up in varying sequences, PIX誰 LOVE RUSH feels different every time you play. Its finely tuned level design offers a consistent progression of difficulty and will have you fervently come back to try and beat your score!

PIX誰 LOVE RUSH revisits the history of vintage gaming systems through 7 refreshing visual styles offered as rewards as you score. If you were a gamer back in the 1980s, you will be in for a trip down memory lane! If not, you will get a sense of where the whole gaming culture comes from.

Initially released on iPhone, PIX誰 LOVE RUSH received unanimous praise from reviewers, with a score of 91 on metacritic.com. Levi Buchanan of ign.com rated it 8.9/10, calling it a 途etrogaming love letter. Andrew Nesvadba of appspy.com said it is 鍍he perfect example of how classic gaming can be paired with modern casual gaming, creating a challenging and addictive title that's almost endlessly appealing.

In the AppStore, the game was blessed with a large majority of 5-stars ratings and delighted comments such as 杜y hands hurt but I couldn稚 stop playing!
The release date and price of PIX誰 LOVE RUSH on Playstation Minis will be announced shortly.

About Bulkypix www.bulkypix.xom
Pix地 Love Rush is published on iPhone by BulkyPix, an award-winning publisher and developer of games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. BulkyPix痴 ambition is to create and publish innovative games, such as MyBrute, Babel Rising, Twin Blades, Hysteria Project, Pix誰鱈ove Rush, Saving Private Sheep
With its BtoB brand BulkyApps, the studio also develops and releases applications (cultural, commercial, and advertising).
Press contact: Thomas Nicolet thomas.nicolet@bulkypix.com

About Pastagames www.pastagames.net
Pix'n Love Rush has been developed by Pastagames, a French development studio based in Paris. 撤astagames is the leading worldwide developer from the South of the Loire in France, producing quality traditional videogames for the happy hour, all made from natural, untreated products declares Fabien Delpiano, director of the company.

About Sanuk Games www.sanukgames.com
Pix地 Love Rush is brought to Playstation Minis by Sanuk Games, a leading casual game studio. Sanuk Games has released over 40 titles released on various consoles, both as a contractor and as a publisher. Among Sanuk Games Playstation Minis releases are Spot The Differences, Hysteria Project and Actual Crimes: Jack The Ripper.
Press contact: Yan Marchal yan@sanuk.biz