Eyetoy: Antigrav
Company: SCEA
London, 19th January 2005 –- Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce the upcoming release of EyeToy®: AntiGrav, a unique, addictive entertainment experience utilising never-before-seen EyeToy technology. Developed exclusively for PlayStation®2 by the critically acclaimed Harmonix team, this fully 3D action-packed thrill ride uses EyeToy technology to lock onto body parts, and tracks them continuously for an enhanced interactive gaming experience. Simple body movements alone allow the player to control their on-screen character as they take to the rails in the future of extreme sports racing.

Using the EyeToy USB camera, the player is able to race, soar and perform breathtaking airborne tricks through five futuristic worlds on a gravity defying hoverboard. Choosing from eight original characters, each with unique attributes, players can weave through traffic filled cities, dodging airborne cars and mile-high skyscrapers on ten elaborately designed tracks, all to the breakbeat tunes of the exclusive Apollo 440 soundtrack.

Framing the adrenalin charged gameplay, EyeToy: AntiGrav features two game modes Players can blast through the skies in "Speed" mode, racing against other boarders, or unleash killer combos in "Style" mode to score big points and unlock bonus items. But to find out who's the true AntiGrav Pro, players can pit themselves against up to three opponents' ghost riders in a fast-paced multiplayer competition.

Benefiting from the EyeToy USB Camera's advanced face and motion tracking technology, Eyetoy: AntiGrav is set to revolutionize physical gaming this spring.

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Developer: Harmonix
Genre: Extreme Sports
No. of Players: 1-4
Platform: PlayStation®2
Accessories: Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2), Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) EyeToy® USB Camera (for PlayStation®2)
Release Date: Q1 2005

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