Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
Company: SCEA
1st Feb 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are delighted to announce the June release of 'Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer'. Developed by Edinburgh-based VIS entertainment ltd, 'Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer' is an action-adventure video game exclusive to the PlayStation®2.

Set in a fantastic world based upon the mythology of Native America, the game tells the coming of age story of 'Brave' a young Native American boy embarking on an epic journey to save his tribe. When his village is set upon by the evil Wendigo, and his friends are enslaved, Brave is sent to find the only one that can free them - Spirit Dancer, the greatest Shaman who ever lived.

Hunting snarling evil wolves in a huge forest of towering Redwood trees, canoeing down raging river rapids, tracking the legendary Sasquatch through a swirling blizzard and battling on the back of a buffalo in the middle of a stampede are just some of the breathtaking challenges Brave will face. His journey will take him across a beautifully rich and interactive world inhabited by remarkable characters, bizarre creatures, and terrifying evil spirits.

Learning the ways of his people, Brave must master not only combat with tomahawk and bow and arrow, but also the skills of a hunter: animal tracking, mimicry and survival. He will learn to swim and dive, to climb trees and leap across rock-faces and traverse perilous frozen waterfalls with two ice axes his only support. As he builds in power he will also be taught the ways of a Shaman - how to summon the Great Eagle Spirit and fly on its back and possess creatures from the smallest rabbit to a mighty Grizzly Bear Spirit.

His journey will not be easy, but it's a journey he must take, a journey fraught with danger and revelation - The Search for Spirit Dancer.

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