Axis and Ben Hibon Collaborate with Sega for Alien Isolation Trailer
Company: Sega
Glasgow, UK, August 14th -- Axis and Ben Hibon create an intense glimpse into the survival horror of SEGA and Creative Assembly's new game Alien: IsolationTM, where you will experience the true meaning of fear.

CGI Studio, Axis and Director Ben Hibon proudly announce their participation in the creation of the new trailer forSEGA’s “Alien: Isolation”.

Alien: Isolation is the upcoming first-person survival horror stealth game developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA.

The game is the next exciting addition to the Alien franchise and is set in 2137, 15 years after the events of AlienTM and 42 years prior to AliensTM. The story follows Amanda, who is investigating the disappearance of her mother Ellen Ripley.

Director Ben Hibon worked closely with the SEGA brand team to create a trailer that captured the essence of what made the Alien movie and now the Alien: Isolation game so successful, a constant feeling of fear in the shadow of a ruthless creature.

“What makes Alien: Isolation so interesting as a game is that you as the player are completely underprepared and underpowered” said Director Ben Hibon. “We had to ensure that was clear in our trailer. By keeping our story simple, a cat and mouse chase between Ripley and the creature, we focused very much on the fear in her eyes and face, her vulnerability.”

The trailer begins with Ripley scavenging for materials in the deserted space station before the Alien appears, stalking its prey. Almost frozen with fear Ripley evades the creature and retreats to what she perceives as safety.

The Axis team had to deliver a compelling performance from Ripley with the subtlety of the characters facial performance being paramount. Special attention was given to facial rigging to allow the animators to craft believable emotions.
“Working on the Alien franchise has been such a pleasure.” said Axis Executive Producer and Managing Director Richard Scott. “Not only is Ben a massive fan of the original film but so is every other member of our crew. The original film is still fantastic and has stood the test of time and now the game is delivering the same amazing mood and setting, when I first saw the game I was blown away by the tension, it was so important for us to deliver that in the trailer and think Ben and the team have done an amazing job.”

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