Sonic Sales Exceed 1 Million
Company: Sega
LONDON, UK – October 29, 2004 – SEGA® Europe Ltd, is proud to announce that sales for Sonic Heroes have now amassed over one million units across Europe. Having spent several weeks at No.1 following its release in February 2004, Sonic Heroes has remained in or around the All Formats Top 20 Chart ever since. In addition to this, Sonic Heroes is now available on PlayStation®2 Platinum, Xbox Classics and the Player's Choice range from Nintendo, with an SRP of £19.99.

The SEGA Europe line-up for 2004 features a multitude of quality titles, encompassing all platforms and genres. With the Sonic brand still a huge success, SEGA Europe is also focusing on a wider range of titles. OutRun2, Sega SuperStars, Football Manager 2005 and Children of the Nile are all pieces of the bigger puzzle. Sega is coming of age as a new publisher and is striving to add to the huge catalogue of quality titles that are releasing now and next year.

Mike Hayes, Managing Director, SEGA Europe, commented, "The phenomenal success of Sonic Heroes demonstrates that the Sonic The Hedgehog® brand is stronger now than ever. We are proud that our legendary mascot has retained his mass-market appeal, an integral element of the continuing multiplatform growth of the European arm of SEGA.

Following on from the release of Sonic Heroes on PC on November 26th, SEGA Europe will release Sonic Mega Collection Plus, a collection of the best classic Sonic The Hedgehog® games from the Mega Drive and GameGear era.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus will be released on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the XboxTM video game system from Microsoft®. Older Sonic fans can revel in the nostalgia, whilst a whole new younger audience can now enjoy some of the greatest video games of all time on their PS2 & Xbox.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus will include:

Seven of the most-loved Sonic games of all time:

Sonic The Hedgehog®

Sonic The Hedgehog® 2

Sonic The Hedgehog® 3

Sonic & KnucklesTM

Sonic 3D Flickies' IslandTM

Sonic The Hedgehog® SpinballTM

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineTM

Plus three Sonic lock-on games (from Sonic & Knuckles)

Six SEGA Game Gear® games:

Sonic the Hedgehog®

Sonic ChaosTM

Sonic DriftTM

Sonic LabyrinthTM

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineTM

Sonic BlastTM

Unlockable Sega Mega Drive® games:

The OozeTM

Comix ZoneTM


Ristar The Shooting StarTM

Sonic Mega Collection Plus will be released for PS2 and Xbox in Q1 2005.

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