SG Interactive's Resurgence Brings New Map and User Interface to Project Blackout
Irvine, Calif. – April 5, 2012 – Project Blackout, the fast-paced multiplayer online first-person shooter from SG Interactive, is getting a “Resurgence” in the form of one of its biggest updates yet. Thanks to a complete overhaul to the game’s user interface, players will now be able to navigate Project Blackout’s menus more conveniently and access games more quickly. Players also can gain an advantage on the new High Rise map by participating in in-game giveaway events offering up RAZER gaming keyboards and mice. Players can register to play for free on the official Project Blackout website,

The new content in Project Blackout: Resurgence includes:

All-new High Rise Deathmatch Map – Operators will need to take position on the two sky scraper towers to gain control of the city’s main street for reinforcements. Connected by a narrow passageway, intense firefights will break out as players of the Free Rebels Corps or Aegis Inc. factions battle to control the best position.
Brand New UI - The user interface is getting a tune-up with updated graphics and streamlining content to make sure all operators can easily manage their inventory and get into games as fast as possible.

To accompany the new updates are several in-game events starting today, which include:

Operation Slaughter – Through April 18, the top five players who gain the most unique kills will receive the RAZER DeathAdder gaming mouse. Additionally, the top 5 players who spend the most time in-game will receive a RAZER Lycosa Mirror Special Edition keyboard.
Operation Slaughter Credit Bonus ­- Players can boost their income by 15,000 credits for reaching 500 kills or 500 in-game minutes and by 30,000 credits for 1,000 kills or 1,000 in-game minutes. Skilled operators who reach 1,000 kills and 1,000 minutes will be entered to win a random drawing where 100 gamers will win 10,000 Rage Points to spend on premium items.
High Rise Launch Bonus Event - Players will receive an extra 30 percent experience and credits to help them power up their slaughter skills.

Project Blackout is a free-to-play online FPS that pits players against players in a wide variety of game modes, with fast-paced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times. The dazzling 3D graphics, stereo sound, and camera effects add to the realistic gaming experience.

To join the epic battle between Aegis Inc. and The Corps, register to play for free at For the latest updates on Project Blackout, fans also can “Like” the game on Facebook at

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