The Falklands War: 1982 Demo Ready for action!
Travel back twenty-three years and join the fight on a remote South Atlantic island chain in which the sheep outnumber the human inhabitants, and blood was spilled all in the name of a dictatorship trying to cling onto their rule. This is The Falklands War, a British/Argentina conflict that only lasted a short while but whose memory is still fresh today for the nations that fought.

Now serious students of military history and true wargamers can take a gander at reliving this period by downloading the demo for ProSIM's upcoming game on the conflict, The Falklands War: 1982, published by Shrapnel Games and available for the Windows operating system. In an era of bloated demos that provide more style than substance, The Falklands War: 1982 demo weighs in under twenty megs and provides players with a wonderfully rich gaming experience.

The demo includes two scenarios: a tutorial that covers a SAS raid on Pebble Island, and a regular scenario detailing a British attack on Argentinean defensive positions. Both scenarios feature fully detailed and highly engrossing mission briefings that do a wonderful job of setting the scenario up for the player. Even if you were only vaguely aware of the conflict before playing the demo you will soon have a better understanding of it (and if you play the full retail game you'll be on way to becoming an expert on the subject matter in no time!). And with ProSIM's excellent AI the replay value of the
demo is extremely high as you search for the perfect plan of battle.

Using a modified game engine that debuted in another excellent ProSIM title on modern warfare, ATF: Armored Task Force, and which was also used in the recent Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War (of which noted grognard James Werbaneth said recently in Line of Departure, "…it abundantly delivers a very interesting, enlightening even, wargame experience."), The Falklands War: 1982 is a perfect blend of simulation and education. With such details as bayonet charges, melee combat, amphibious landings, naval gun fire, close air support, armor, and much, much more The Falklands War: 1982 game will let players fully appreciate the difficulties faced by commanders during that conflict from the safety of their desk. Additionally, hypothetical scenarios will give gamers a chance to try a variety of "what if" scenarios to see if the outcome could have been different with say, heavy armor in play.

You've played the rest. Now play the best. Grab the demo at to get a taste of the ultimate
wargaming experience available to the general public brought to you by the modern war wizards at ProSIM and the indie uberpublisher, Shrapnel Games.

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