Salvo! Shoves off!
Shrapnel Games and developer Spruegames are pleased to relay to you, the gaming public, that Salvo! has now left the port of Shrapnel Warehouse, North Carolina and is sailing full speed ahead into your hands, and from there to your hard drives! Soon you'll be tasting salt water, grog, and victory, as you lead your fleet in battle upon the high seas in this single-player gaming experience of naval warfare set in the days of yesterday.

Salvo!, which retails for $39.95 and is available for order through the Gamers Front at, is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Salvo! ships in a DVD-style box (no DVD-ROM needed for play though) and includes a full printed manual (as is always the case with Shrapnel Games). And if you're straddling the fence, wondering if Salvo! is
right for you, there is a demo available at, which includes a full campaign from the retail game to play!

Salvo! is a "tactical" naval combat game covering the Age of Sail era, from the 17th century until the 19th century. All manner of engagements are represented, from duels involving just a few vessels to large scale clashes that would make Nelson proud. Salvo!, while designed for maximumplayability, includes a great deal of features that help make it a true-to-life naval experience. Commanders will deal with shallow water, land masses, variable wind, boarding actions, and more. Plenty of chrome makes an appearance too, such as shore batteries and fire ships.

Featuring a wide range of combatants from the major seafaring powers of the time (including pirates), and branching campaigns for great replayability, Salvo! is a game that will keep the fight alive on your monitor. Speaking of fighting, thanks to Salvo!'s highly intuitive "Action Marker" and squadron control system gamers never have to fight the game itself to play, even when dealing with armadas of ships. With beautifully rendered 3D graphics that instantly communicate the state of the battle to you Salvo! is one of the easiest wargames to pick up and play.
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