Enhanced CD winSPMBT Now Shipping!
Last month server admins around the world earned their pay when The Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games released the latest and greatest version of The Camo Workshop's Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (SPMBT), winSPMBT. Bringing what had been always a DOS game into the world of Windows, winSPMBT was made available as a free download and wargamers around the world were quick to show their love for the most detailed, and well respected version of Steel Panthers to grace their screens, with a frenzy of downloading that continues to this day. At the same time as the free download was made available it was announced that an enhanced CD version would soon be available. And so it is.

Now shipping is the enhanced CD version of winSPMBT. If you live, breath, and eat Steel Panthers then this is definitely the version you'll want to have. As the name implies this is not a totally different product from the free download, it is an enhancement aimed at the serious grognard, or anyone wanting to get the maximum potential out of their gaming experience. The CD version adds the following features:

* Printed quick-start manual.
* High resolution support up to 1600x1200.
* Over 250 PBEM save slots. Start an email war with China if you want!
* Secure tournament password play, perfect for tourney organizers.
* The encyclopedia can be sorted and filtered for quick information gathering.
* Full featured external map editor supports multiple levels of undo, and handles
large scale cut and paste operations.
* Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton safe!

And of course you get winSPMBT on your CD so you don't have to download it. There is no difference between the CD version of winSPMBT and the version you can download. Both are free, and will provide you with thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay. The difference (and what you're paying for) is in all the enhancements found on the CD; the deeper map editor, the tourney features, et cetera, along with the physical product and the intangibles such as all the hard work that went into the enhancements.

winSPMBT may be ordered directly through Shrapnel Games at http://www.gamersfront.com/cgi-bin/store/category.cgi?item=22222&type=store
for $39.95. It goes without saying that it is available only for Windows.

winSPMBT is a tactical turn-based wargame of modern combined arms warfare from 1946 through the present and beyond whose roots can be traced back to the original SSI classic Steel Panthers 2 game released in 1996. The Camo Workshop, with the blessing of SSI, first released a WWII conversion of Steel Panthers 2 in 1998 and soon the MBT version followed. With many years of work, a massive number of contributors, and thousands upon thousands of hours of research and refinement The Camo Workshop has continually upgraded their "super mods" and the result is today's winSPMBT. This is easily the most accessible, most exciting version of Steel Panthers out there today, boasting the highest level of fidelity when it comes to modeling the modern battlefield. Accept no lesser imitations!

Look for the Windows version of their WWII Steel Panthers conversion coming soon. For more information on winSPMBT, or any of our other quality wargames for the discriminating grognard please visit www.shrapnelgames.com

For more information on WinSPMBT, or any other Shrapnel Games title, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com
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