Updated Land of Legends Demo Now Available!
Recently the real wizards of the (Pacific) coast, Tiny Hero Game Studios, released an update to their turn-based fantasy strategy title, Land of Legends, bringing the retail game up to version 1.10. More than the usual bug solution patch (kill'em all and let Tron sort'em out), the version 1.10 update also added several new features that users have requested, including the wonderful ability to save a scenario in progress. Now Tiny Hero Game Studios summons up the update for the Land of Legends demo.

The Land of Legends demo has now been brought up to that of the version 1.10 retail code, meaning that in the demo you can now…

* ...save your progress mid-mission. Now, when those pesky process servers bother you during your game, you can save your mission and come back to it after you've chased them off with your chainsaw.

* ...enjoy new keyboard shortcuts. Let's be honest, your keyboard gets pretty lonely during most games. Oh sure, WASD might get a lot of action from you, but when was the last time you used an ampersand in a game? Okay, you still won't, but at least you can use some brand new hotkeys during Land of Legends, instead of always clicking the mouse.

* ...witness new game animation, such as the bloodcurdling new death animation. Bear witness as a slain unit fades away, its soul dragged into the netherworld, as a leering skull and crossbones marks its end. Spooky!

* ...see the monk go from 8 hit points in the original version, to 7 hit points in the 1.10 release. Tiny Hero says it's for game balance issues, but maybe they're just anti- monk, having had one too many quivering palms hurled unto them.

The newly revised demo also includes two new campaign missions (the first two human scenarios), in addition to what was already included in this jam-packed demo, such as:

* Can play as the humans or the elves. The full version features a total of eight races, each one with its own strategy and unique abilities.

* Three multiplayer maps, the full version includes twelve maps.

* Six missions straight out of the full retail campaign game (originally included four, now with the two additional human campaign scenarios).

* Multiple modes of action: hotseat, skirmish, and campaign. The full version allows free Internet play through an integrated game lobby.

If you have yet to try the Land of Legends demo there is definitely no better time! So go ahead and head on over to link, enjoy the no-queue download, and in a few short minutes (depending on your download speed, natch) prepare yourself for a taste of what is destined to become another turn-based classic in the annals of gaming. You can find the download at:


And when you've ready to dive into the real deal, head on over to the Gamers Front ( www.gamersfront.com ) and order a copy of Land of Legends for Windows. Only $34.95, and shipping is free when you choose Priority Mail!

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