WinSPMBT Refitted To Version 3.5!
The Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games would like to announce that a new patch is available for WinSPMBT. The patch upgrades all versions (Enhanced CD edition or the free download) to version 3.5 and is approximately 30 MB in size. It includes the following changes to enhance your gameplay experience:

2 New scenarios and 2 updated scenarios
103 New photos, 153 new icons
92 Updated OOB files, 126 revised campaign files
159 Sound files in .wav format have been added
Upgraded CampaignHack and updated MOBHack

Additionally, the following specific changes have been made:

* Numerous OOB corrections/additions.

* A new Hovercraft class has been added by changing an unused unit class. Code has been written to give hovercrafts more realistic capabilities in various terrains than was the case previously. All Hovercraft icons have been redone, and new ones have been added.

* A bug in CampaignHack that caused it not to transfer all moved files from one slot to another has been fixed.

* There was a campaign code bug that prevented some players from deleting a campaign core formation after purchase, this has been eliminated.

* "ARENA" now renamed "CIWS".

* Glider and Helicopter icons will now display better in the purchase and encyclopedia screens.

* "Second Rate Company" formation is now called "Combat Group".

* All 5.xx LMG/SAW weapons that previously had an 8 hex range now have a 10 hex range.

* The.mp3 sound files we introduced with the original release of WinSPMBT were still giving some users trouble and so a full set of .wav files and a new sounds.ini file has been included in the 3.5 patch. Once the 3.5 patch is installed the .wav files will be the default sound files used by WinSPMBT. This brings WinSPMBT in line with WinSPWW2 in that regard.

* There was a bug that allowed AA guns with an EW of 1-4 to deploy either "CIWS" or "ARENA" missile defenses, this has been corrected.

The version 3.5 patch may be downloaded directly from Shrapnel Games by following this link:

WinSPMBT is a tactical look at combined arms operations from 1946 until 2020 and is one of the most comprehensive turn-based computer wargames available. Featuring combatants from around the world, from first-rate militaries to tinpot dictator regimes, a massive number of scenarios and campaigns, and supporting play by e-mail, WinSPMBT is an armchair commander's best friend. And with an easy to use scenario editor, there is literally no end to the amount of gameplay packed into WinSPMBT.

WinSPMBT is available in two forms from Shrapnel Games. Gamers can download the game for FREE (and by free, that means free, no strings, no ads, just pure game) or purchase the Enhanced CD edition for only $39.95. Why pay for something you can get for free? It is called Enhanced for a reason…higher resolutions (up to 1600x1200!), more secure PBEM slots, cut and paste map editor, encyclopedic sorting, and more!

For a complete listing of all our fine titles please visit us at Fans of World War Two will want to check out WinSPMBT's sister game, WinSPWW2. Covering both World War Two and the years leading up to it, it features all the greatness of WinSPMBT, and is also available in both free and Enhanced versions. If you're a fan of tactical combat get'em both and never leave your computer!

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