Rocketing To Your Hard Drive And Beyond, Weird Worlds Version 1.22!
Hampstead, NC, 01 October 2007

Shrapnel Games and the greatest anguilliformes ever to grace the computer world, Digital Eel, would like to call your attention to a shiny pair of patches now available for download, still with that fresh-from-the-factory new patch smell! Rolling out today for your gaming pleasure is version 1.22 of the award winning, critically acclaimed, and much beloved Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. And yes Mac owners, one of those patches is for you!

The version 1.22 Windows patch is as follows:

Added a new sound to Primordius fighters launching (NEW)
Mods load default game high scores/settings when first run (FIX)
Extra space in soundfx.ini (FIX)

The version 1.22 Mac OS X patch includes:

Everything just mentioned in the Windows patch.
Everything in the Windows version 1.2 and 1.21 patches!**

**The PC 1.2 and 1.21 patches were released last December and included an amazing list of really cool additions like another main quest with a new race, a new Urluquai starship, missile trails sure to transfix you in awe of their visual magnificence, and much, much more. Unfortunately the Mac coding was delayed. You'll find a comprehensive list of the changes in the Mac patch on the download page.

Applying the patch is easier than shooting wamp rats in your T-16. Just download, run, and you're done! The patch works for both the boxed version and the download. You can find the patch at the following location, along with the complete list of changes:

If you don't own Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space you probably shouldn't download the patch, but we can't stop you. You will find that on the very same page as the patch is the demo download. We recommend downloading that instead. The demo lets you play as a space pirate (insert your own pirate joke) on a ten year mission to do piratey stuff amongst the stAAARRRS. Get it? StAAARRRS?

We'd be remiss if we didn't also remind you that soon you will be able to experience the Weird Worlds universe in action-packed cardboard!

Eat Electric Death! is the upcoming exciting board game of tactical Weird Worlds starship combat featuring gorgeous artwork, a rich scenario selection, and engaging gameplay. Command vessels of the Terrans, Garthans, Tan Ru, Zorg, Urluquai, Klakar, or the formidable Yellow Kawangi, all with their own unique characteristics. Play hide and seek amongst asteroid fields, unleash secret weapon cards, and beware the dread 'Reactor Blows' damage chit! Plenty of chrome (point defense systems, wormholes, ramming, and more) is included without bogging down gameplay.

As you would expect from the folks who allow you to discover a universe in under twenty minutes, Eat Electric Death! plays fast, with even the largest scenarios taking under an hour to game. Complete an entire campaign for Sector Prime in a night! Create your own scenarios and share them with your friends.

Stay tuned to for more information on Eat Electric Death! in the coming months, and in the meantime check out our complete catalog of acclaimed games. Military, sci-fi, fantasy, and even the occasional air traffic simulation, there's always something to feed your inner game geek at Shrapnel Games..

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