New game mode for Dawnspire: Prelude in public beta!
Swedish indie-developer Silent Grove Studios today announced that Shrine Domination, the new game mode for Dawnspire: Prelude, has now entered open beta and can be played by anyone who wants to try it out!

Shrine Domination is a new exciting game mode which is based upon the old Unreal Tournament classic game mode Domination. In this new action-packed game mode the goal is to capture and hold four places of worship, known as shrines. The two teams start out with a number of points, and holding a shrine gradually reduces the enemy score. The first team to reduce the enemy score to zero wins the game.

Holding a shrine also grants your entire team a unique bonus for each individual shrine, and if you hold onto to it for a long time that benefit gets stronger. Depending on the configuration of your team different shrines may have different tactical value, so choose your battle plan carefully!

"Shrine Domination opens up a different type of gameplay experience." says Henrik Öquist, Producer of Dawnspire: Prelude. "It's faster and even more action-packed than Relic Conquest, while still offering plenty of the tactical choices and focus on teamplay that is so heavily associated with our game. It's really been great to see the positive feedback from the community and it'll only get better from here!"

Dawnspire: Prelude recently won Multiplayer Game of The Year as well as being named as one of the top 10 best independent games of 2006 on well-respected indie game site The game is self-published by Silent Grove Studios and is available as a digital download for $24.95. It also has a generous free trial allowing you to try the game out before you buy it.

Visit for more information, game media and to download the free trial!

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Dawnspire: Prelude is a fast-paced tactical action-rpg set in an original fantasy setting. The game features team-based online action with five original playable classes, global rankings, full guild support, two challenging game modes and a dedicated community fully supported in the game and on the official website.

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Silent Grove Studios are an independent game development studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is to produce high-quality games with a focus on collaborative and competitive gameplay.
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