New Dawnspire class announced: The Prowler!
Barely a week after the first boxes of Dawnspire made its way into games stores, developer Silent Grove Studios announces the behind-the-scenes making of a sixth playable class for the team-based online fantasy action game. The Prowler is a master stalker and hunter who relies on his proficiency with bow and arrow, while calling upon his bond with the wilds to defeat the enemy.

"The Prowler will find his use mainly in ranged fighting and out-of-combat tactics", Henrik Öquist, Producer of Dawnspire explains. "As a Prowler you will be able to efficiently scout your surroundings, reinvigorate your allies between fights, and assist them from a distance in clashes with the other team."

At the developers have published more detailed information about the class. The page will also be updated with a detailed description of three new skills every other week, with the first three already revealed.

The Prowler is a long awaited addition in the online community surrounding Dawnspire. Like all previous add-ons, The Prowler will be free of charge to anyone with a full version of the game, and those who bought the box retail in stores will find it automatically updated upon the release.

Dawnspire is developed by Silent Grove Studios and published by Lexicon Entertainment in cooperation with JoWood and Dreamcatcher Interactive. The game is currently making its way into stores in Europe and North America, and is also available as a digital download on

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