Sillysoft Games Releases Lux 5!
Sillysoft Games has released Lux 5, a major update to their Risk inspired world domination game. Some of Lux 5's crazy new features include:

Map scenarios - Maps can now include a starting scenario. The maps that come with Lux now all include scenarios. Look for the 200+ maps in the Plugin Manager to be updated with scenarios soon.

Increasing continent values - You can set a preference to have the bonus values for holding continents increase by a percentage every round.

New graphics, new sounds! - Lux now includes updated graphics including army pictures and the ability for maps to display graphics on top of the countries. More sounds have been added along with extra control over them. Look in the Sounds tab in the Preferences to control which sounds get played.

Small screen support - Large maps are now automatically resized to fit on small screens (12" laptop users - this is for you). You can turn this off and/or manually resize maps while playing them from the Board menu.

Multiplayer improvements - The chat area now displays the color of players beside their name. There's a new /guest command to switch yourself to a guest only mode. The host can use the new /boot command to disconnect players who have been inactive for 2 rounds. You can now host non-ranked games.

Map of the Week - In an effort to get online players to vary their selection of map there is now a revolving Map of the Week. The name of the featured map is displayed in the 'Join a Game' window, along with next week's map. All ranked games played on the Map of the Week provide bonus rankings points to winning players.

International support - The preferences window now contains a switch to control which language Lux displays in. 12 languages are available including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese!

Since we love our players so much this is a free upgrade for all registered users. Please help spread Lux by telling all your friends about it. Lux comes with a free 20 game demo and costs $24.95 US to register.
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