Telepath Tactics Launches on Kickstarter
Dec 3, 2012 Sinister Design's Craig Stern ( has launched Telepath Tactics onto the Kickstarter Platform to seek funding at The game was immediately selected as a staff pick and in just a few days has reached over 20% of its funding goal. Telepath Tactics is a tactical RPG in a psionic powered steampunk universe full of completely unique races and constructs that focuses combat on terrain manipulation as much as it does position, facing, and powers. For those who lack funds but still wish to support Telepath Tactics, you can vote on the Greenlight page at

In Telepath Tactics the player will control an army of units, each with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. As in other tactical RPGs, these characters will have a variety of direct combat abilities and stats, but that isn't where Telepath Tactics will shine. The real twist is found in the ability to manipulate the environment, building barricades and bridges, hurling boulders, destroying terrain to trap and limit your foes. In every match the entire face of the landscape may be changed by the time the battle is over.

The uniqueness of Telepath Tactics doesn't stop there, however. The game will feature online and hotseat multiplayer, allowing players to compete online cross platform or in the same room. On top of that a complete set of mod tools will allow fans to create their own scenarios, powers, units, and entire campaigns, giving limitless possibilities to the battles you'll see. In what is often considered a single player genre will be a huge host of competitive, creative, and community functionality.

Telepath Tactics needs the support of fans to become a reality and has set a reasonable goal of only $25,500 to make it happen. Without reaching this goal players may never know what it's like to toss their best friend off a cliff into a pit of lava, and wouldn't that be sad? Support Telepath Tactics at their Kickstarter Page:
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