Fun Ninja Action Game: Pikoninja - The Last Ninja - Released
Company: Sirius Games
Margarita Island, VE - July 23, 2007 - Do you have the ninja skills? Think you are a great videogames player? SISVIA presents PikoNinja -The Last Ninja- (, a fun game for the entire family, about a friendly ninja who is going to test your gaming skills. Are you ready for completing PikoNinja's missions against the evil minions of MaskiNinja? Your Master Ke-Bran-Tao is sick and you need to recover the 4 sacred fruits in order to restore his health. But the fruits are in a dangerous land ruled by MaskiNinja and his 4 EvilBeasts!

In PikoNinja you must control Piko through levels full of platform ninja action. Naturally, Piko is a ninja with plenty of superpowers and all the germane attacks. Besides, Piko is "widely" one of the best ninjas of his clan because... eh... eh... well, let's say that Piko has gained a bit of weight lately, and always arrives the last in all his ninja tests (The Last Ninja). Piko can stomp his enemies, use several ninja arms (shurikens, bombs and bubbles), and even invoke the Clan's dragon! In order to achieve his mission, you have to lead Piko through more than 25 levels with plenty of colorful ninja action, and defeat MaskiNinja and his 4 EvilBeasts, who are guarding the fruits. Do you have the ninja skills required for controlling Piko?

PikoNinja comes with a free demo that can be downloaded from The demo includes some complete levels plus a tutorial stage in order to quickly learn the more than 5 techniques and movements of Piko. Furthemore, the game has support for both english and spanish language. Good luck in completing your mission, little ninja!
Main Features

- 2D platform ninja action
- 25+ fun levels and characters, with beautiful colors.
- You can stomp your enemies, and use shurikens, bombs, bubbles or the PakiCannon. ¡Or fly in your dragon!
- PikoNinja includes a tutorial level, in english or spanish, in order to learn to play immediately
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